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Welcome Dhrub Das / Published February 23, 2016 by Samantha Collins

Samantha Collins

Welcome Dhrub Das

Ag for Hire has enlisted the help of Dhrub Das as our new lead developer!

Dhrub: My name is Dhrubajyoti Das. My journey in web development started as a 12 year old, creating a website for my dad's company. His friends and customers started calling him just to appreciate his website. That's when I discovered my talent. Coming from a family with an entrepreneurship spirit, I started approaching local businesses making simple splash pages and slowly progressing to making complex ecommerce applications. I am currently an undergrad student at UC Davis.

I'm excited to join AgForHire as their lead developer to help the team realize their novel dream of solving a major problem in a largely ignored industry.

BIG DAY for Ag for Hire / Published January 20, 2016 by Samantha Collins

Samantha Collins

BIG DAY for Ag for Hire

Such an exciting day with big news for our supporters!!

We have been selected as a top 10 finalist and will be seeing y'all at the Global Summit in Zurich, Switzerland!

On top of that, Ag for hire has reached 100 followers.

BIG Thank you to everyone for their support! Excited to combat global hunger.

Introductions: Alejandro Avalos / Published January 7, 2016 by Alex Avalos

Alex Avalos

Introductions: Alejandro Avalos

I'm Alex, some call me Alejandro. I am computer science student at West Hills Community College.

My participation with Ag for Hire is the hope for an eventual resolution, to agricultural conflict that touches home. Within my community I would like to implement our intentions, my own work having a hands on difference.

I provide consistent specialist knowledge based on the agricultural industry and computer programming. My role within the application is largely research, product development, media design, and Spanish translation.

Introductions: Josh / Published January 7, 2016 by Joshua Brown

Joshua Brown

Introductions: Josh

I am Joshua Brown, team lead and idea enthusiast. My shower idea has now developed into our competitive business prototype, Ag for Hire.

I am a computer science and technology management student at UCD. I work within every-day operations, management, and application development for the overall building of the Ag for Hire concept.

Introductions: Samantha / Published January 7, 2016 by Samantha Collins

Samantha Collins

Introductions: Samantha


I'm Samantha Collins. I have joined on Ag for Hire as a marketing and content consultant. I am a senior marketing major at University of Alabama. After graduation I pursue a marketing career within the Northern California area.

I will be following Ag for Hire throughout the creation of its media, business content, and public relations. I'm excited to begin scratching at the surface of the TFF mission that is hunger relief.

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