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Stephanie Chin

Feeding 9 Million by 2050, When 1 in 9 Don't Have Access to Clean Water

Childhood obesity is a problem that is currently surfacing around the Unites States, however, millions around the world still go to bed malnourished and hungry. Simultaneously, 1 in 9 people globally still lack access to clean water- a right that many of us take for granted.
So many strive for solutions, but they turn their focus to complicated, technological solutions- referenced in another blog post- when the people they aim to help have only the most fundamental of educations. As a result, these solutions end up creating a dependency on outward sources, also known as the "white savior" dilemma. When these solutions, ultimately unsustainable- fail, these communities emerged even more damaged than previously.
For this challenge, our team wanted to address not just the end goal, but the root problem at hand. We aimed for a solution that could address all of these issues in a sustainable way, that would in fact, promote community growth in the process. In order to do this, we looked to the most basic (or shall I say "neutral") of solutions.
We hope you are as excited to hear our solution, as we are to present it, and look forward to more details in the coming days!

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