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Interaction with Consumers / Published April 28, 2018 by Farhana Yasmin

Farhana Yasmin

Interaction with Consumers

Our interview with Borkot Ali, a farmer from Kishorgonj. He grows rice in his land all the year round but faces serious challenges to supply enough water to the crops. And situation worsens in Summer. During last Summer he lost almost 40% of his crops due to lack of proper irrigation. He generally collects water from a nearby river in large barrages and use it for irrigation.But with that much water he can barely irrigate even half of his total cropland. As summer advancing with scorching heat and less rain, his tension of feeding his family increases. According to him, if this situation goes on majority of the farmers will have to give up and find other sources of living. Borkot Ali also said he is ready to pay if he can get a sustainable irrigation method that can save his crops.
Borkot Alli is not the only one.Our country, our world is filled with more people like him who are fighting everyday to find a ray of hope. Let's end their sufferings, let's bring an end to hunger.

Post-it Friends / Published April 25, 2018 by Upoma Rahman

Upoma Rahman

Post-it Friends

Fan Club / Published April 21, 2018 by Farhana Yasmin

Farhana Yasmin

Fan Club

We have reached 100 likes! Thank you everyone for all you support. Stay tuned for more updates. Let us all come together in this journey of feeding 9 BILLION people by 2050 😀

Etch-A-Sketch / Published April 20, 2018 by G M Shahed Rabbi

G M Shahed Rabbi


video of our logo sketching

On time on target: Our Design Statement / Published April 20, 2018 by G M Shahed Rabbi

G M Shahed Rabbi

On time on target: Our Design Statement

Scarcity of water is increasing in every sphere of our life. In the field of agriculture , water is the most important natural resource, but have the most scarcity. With the ever growing population the demand of food is increasing and so the demand of water. Almost 70% of the total green water is used in agriculture, which is still not enough. On the other hand global warming causes unstable climate. As a result we face serious shortage of water in agriculture all over the world which results in reduced food production, ultimately increasing the food crisis keeping more people deprived of food. In future people will struggle more to get water source and food. Water price will be higher and the problem will get more complicated.
Water scarcity is leading towards to drought in many parts of the world. 80% of the damaged caused by drought is directly attributed to agriculture. Almost 19% crops are destroyed every year for lack of proper irrigation slowing down land productivity by 3.6 times. To feed 9 billion people small investments for supplemental irrigation in combination with improved soil, nutrient and crop management can more than double the food production. A sustainable source of water can tackle the water scarcity issue and proper water management in field can ensure food security by producing more with less water.Therefore feeding more people with the same amount of natural resources.

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