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Waste and environmental pollution / Published December 10, 2016 by Madgscherly Senska

Madgscherly Senska

Waste and environmental pollution

Wasting food while other people are dying because they doesn't have what you have, it's really unfair; maybe you don't throw away with a bad intention but it have a negative impact either environmentally or socially . Some people don't waste because they have but because they doesn't have knowledge about subproduct, doesn't have the way to conserve or economic problem.
Wasting food is contamination too because where you throw that food? Everything we throw away have an negative impact environmentally. Any waste generates lixiviation while we throw away trying to have welfare but we have only one planet. Anything we throw away will have a treatment depending the country. Some country doesn't have the waste management. According to FAO (2011), wasting food represent a waste of natural resources using in production like soil, water and energy increasing greenhouse effect.
If we generate subproduct with those food we will mitigate the pollution and feed people who don't have.

Less waste food, a better world / Published October 22, 2016 by Madgscherly Senska

Madgscherly Senska

Less waste food, a better world

According to FAO, (2011) we waste 1.3 billion tons per year and the quantity of people suffering hungry in Haiti there are 5,7 millions and 1,3 millions in Dominican Republic from 2012 to 2016 (FAO). We think if we use that quantity we can feed people who are suffering hungry so with a good distribution of food in he world we can solve the problem, but how ? People int he world have many good ideas but how to implement them ? Strategy is so important, using our strategy we want to have an impact in those countries after that extend and adapt them in others countries in the Caribbean and then others countries in the world.

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