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The power of Innovation!! / Published January 18, 2016 by anirudh thimmaiah

anirudh thimmaiah

The power of Innovation!!

The power to scan anything!! Technology always finds a way!!

Another expert's take...... / Published January 11, 2016 by anirudh thimmaiah

anirudh thimmaiah

Another expert's take......

Another expert's take on Dasoha.....Its simple but needs commitment and deliverance!! Dasoha will deliver!!

anirudh thimmaiah

Idea- Prototype testing- Our interviewees..... - We thank them for their precious time and support!!

Different people from different lands and different walks of life were interviewed to get the feedback on Dasoha's radical innovation concept.....Also to judge people's perception and acceptance to change.......Yippeeee!! People were enthusiastic and excited about Dasoha!! They were waiting for something NEW!! And Dasoha is as new as NEW can be!!

Love the NEW!!

Thank you people!!


anirudh thimmaiah

Dasoha's Tech bytes - The power of IoT+ BigData+ Cloud... - Unlocking new worlds through Cognitive Technology....

The pinnacle of human existence is said to be creativity and the promise of computational creativity is the ability to assist us in our journey. Going from making inferences about the world to generating new things the world has never seen before is a next step in cognitive computing. The power of IoT, BigData and cloud networks is yet unleash its true potential and is slowly unfolding and we at Dasoha want to explore this potential in the culinary field..making the world of gastronomy as extensive, mysterious and exciting as astronomy through our IoT augmentation process!!

People wonder why food? We tend to think of food and cooking as an art but in fact, there’s a massive amount of molecular,chemical and neural science that underlies a great healthy dish. Why only certain tastes are preferred? Why only certain recipes are appealing?How the chemistry of different ingredients interact?

Cognitive cooking relies on a set of algorithms that draw upon a number of datasets (BigData), regional and cultural knowledge as well as statistical, molecular and foodpairing theories from the world of molecular gastronomy to come up with dishes that are rich in flavour, taste and also with desired nutrition. The system captures and analyzes information from existing recipes to understand ingredient pairings and dish composition, and which it arranges and designs into new recipes. It then cross references these with data on the flavor compounds found in ingredients, and the psychology of people’s likes and dislikes using the Hedonic Perception Theory to model human response to different combinations of flavors.
The list of ingredients for a new tasty healthy meal is actually the result of a system that intelligently generates new ideas out of numerous possibilities which then predicts which ones are the most appropriate by applying Big Data in novel ways.
This is why cognitive computing can spur creativity. The most critical aspect is pairing human creativity with machine creativity to create the best possible outcomes and results for humanity.

anirudh thimmaiah

Welcome to the world of Cognitive Cooking - Relish freedom!! Dasoha at the frontiers of innovation!!

Dasoha will be using the concept of "cognitive cooking" as a part of its exciting IoT augmentation for its users!!....This is to make the technology not just user-efficient, but to add creativity and let the user enjoy total freedom in food and recipe innovation!! Welcome to the future of cooking!!....Dasoha will touch every aspect from how food is produced to how it is served on your plate, innovating at every stage and touching the last mile in your stomach making your every culinary experience new.... filled with excitement, surprises and precision......New cuisines, new satisfy your palate!! This is the power of IoT!!

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