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How it Works? / Published October 28, 2016 by Gabriel Toledo Peregrino

Gabriel Toledo Peregrino

How it Works?

Hi everyone!

To make it easier for you to understand how our method works, we created a simple diagram, explaining the main steps.
The first one is to spread all the traps around the crops. The layout and distance between traps may change for different kinds of crops.
After setting up all the traps, we wait for the pests to the attracted by the pheromone on it (pheromones are chemical products which triggers social responses in members from the same species. There are sex pheromones, food trail and others). Once inside the trap, the pests get stuck at a sticky paper.
Periodically (often twice a day) the camera photographs the papel and sends it to the cloud, where they are stored. Our technicians receive those images and analise it. No one likes to receive lots of unuseful data, so we'll send just the useful informations to our users, like the kind of pest found and where it was, besides some other stuff.
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