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The Idea - Parking Space! / Published October 25, 2015 by Shreya Gupta

Shreya Gupta

The Idea - Parking Space!

All Great Ideas are preceded by chaos!

Divyansh Chug

"A small step for a human, a giant leap for mankind" : Project Plan

Months of brainstorming, surfing, poking around, annoying people, asking questions, hunting down solutions and few rounds of validation EQUALS . . . wait for it . . . Yes, the road to our grand scheme! Here's an initial project plan ready for intensive validation rounds and re-iterations. Go DHAAN!

If not We, WHO? / Published September 29, 2015 by Shreya Gupta

Shreya Gupta

If not We, WHO?

Why do you work?

American : To have a sense of purpose to life and add meaning to it.
Norwegian : To fulfill my family's need
Danish: To increase my happiness level, to give food to my brain.

Meanwhile, in India
"Do waqt ki roti ke liye" (For one square meal0

We're clearly a nation that's obsessed with food. Everything here revolves around it. Guests, Festivals, Birthdays, Anniversaries - The planning of each and every little and large event begins and ends with food.

Obviously, we're no different. And that's precisely what we've set out to do. Food is our obsession. These days, it dominates our thoughts. How can we ensure that the average Indian man gets what he works for?

Corruption is no new story in India. While governments may change, some things always remain constant - the pathetic state of food storage in our country. While we crib about how we do not produce enough and need to import in these days of the rising dollar, we let millions of tonnes of food rot away in the poorly maintained granaries, then the greedy samaritan makes a fortune out of it by selling it to the breweries.

The storage options are very limited. The farmers have little stake in the profit earned from the grain they produce. They have no storage spaces, they're forced to sell it at whatever price the buyer says, with little room for negotiation.

We're a team from the best technical institute in our country. We're aware and responsible citizens, and we HAVE to find a way out. In this age of smart technology, google glasses and artificial intelligence, this state of matters makes no sense. There's no reason things should stay the way they are. We need a 'smart' storage solution, and a 'smarter' monitoring system. Who better than the 'smartest' lot in the country to do that! ;)

Logo Sketching Sessions / Published August 26, 2015 by Akshay Kore

Akshay Kore

Logo Sketching Sessions

To reduce food wastage, our team decided to develop a service and products that enable this service. We asked ourselves, how could we enable farmers and stakeholders to reduce wastage during storage in multiple scenarios including static and transit situations. We decided that we would focus on the problems surrounding food grains since it is a large section of food being consumed in India.
The logo had to reflect the idea of reducing the problem of food grain wastage and that it would be implemented in an Indian context. The word 'Dhaan' in sanskrit means grain. We started with the concept of a grain storage bag, however this logo would not be appropriate for every touchpoint in the service. It was decided that the logo should be simpler and would use only letters. The letter D corresponds with the sanskrit letter 'ध' . When doing so, it still failed to convey the message and a wheat fern was added to the letters, thereby resulting in the current logo.

Hello World! and because Thermal Time controls it all / Published August 16, 2015 by Divyansh Chug

Divyansh Chug

Hello World! and because Thermal Time controls it all

Isn't that how EVERY first thing is supposed to be titled? "Hello World" and shit.
It's 0130 hours IST; waiting for team mates to join in; just scribbling notes on how much longetivity can we exactly impart to food grains (dhaan, in our mother tongue) by achieving temperatures lower than field temperature - a concept very dearly known in Ecology as Thermal Time. While universities of Pennsylvania, Illinois and Princeton have started experimenting with thermal time of growing crops to speed up the farming cycle and produce more, we decided to apply the same to grains post-harvest, by regulating temperature and moisture, and figuring out how much economic boost it actually gives to the food budget of our country. Results of Thermal Time expt on rice, wheat and barley coming up soon; the socio-economic boost show coming up soon too. We are on to something big! I can feel it. Stay tuned :)

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