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Johnbosco Birenge

Climate smart coffee production with emphasis on women coffee production and sales.

Our model is built on establishing the partnership with producer groups that share our vision, mission & values. These are recruited & registered under our organic coffee certification program & engaged in producing, processing, bulk & export coffee. We work with 2300 smallholder coffee farmers
By partnering with producers, EAS empowers them to improve the quantity & quality of produce & access to rewarding markets through appropriate farming technologies & value additions i.e. input supply, farming practices, harvest & post-harvest handling & processing. This is done through field visits, training, organic certification, agricultural tours & trading and this has potentially made the group with a capacity to produce 450,000 kg of parchment coffee
As opposed to charity, the model awakens & empowers farmers to acquire affordable agronomical skills & increased incomes while also allowing EAS to provide these at a modest profit of 4.3% of the contract values

Empire documentary / Published October 12, 2016 by Johnbosco Birenge

Johnbosco Birenge

Empire documentary

A short documentary summarizing some of the E.A.S activities and results

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