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Why we decided to use cocoa mucilage / Published May 4, 2018 by Ana Aguilar

Ana Aguilar

Why we decided to use cocoa mucilage

why we decided to use cocoa mucilage

The country's economy is based on agriculture, mainly in the production of coffee, cotton and sugar cane. But in recent years, research has been conducted on the quality of cocoa of Salvadoran origin that has surprisingly been ranked 18th in quality cocoa contests. Knowing this, as a group we want to boost the production of cocoa in our country giving it an opening from the food point of view.

How will we do to boost the growth of cocoa production?
Performing research based on the nutritional benefits of the use of cocoa and its by-products. By carrying out these investigations, we will be able to inform cocoa producers about the benefits, products and by-products that can be created in many industries and even produce plastics made from the cocoa mucilage!

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