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We Famous / Published April 16, 2018 by Eduardo Rodolfo Lama Segura

Eduardo Rodolfo Lama Segura

We Famous

Our project "Piruw" has been covered by Universidad Agraria La Molina.

Entomophagy without seeing the insect / Published April 16, 2018 by Danella Matheus

Danella Matheus

Entomophagy without seeing the insect

The edible insect industry has been grown exponentially. Alemu et. al (2016) mention that consumers prefer eat products with insects if they are recommended by official entities specially when they have high amounts of nutrients. The growth of the industry occurs from 2013, when the FAO authorizes the use of insects as a part of the human diet and as an important issue for the future of food safety.
Previous studies have shown that familiarity with the product influences the preference for a new product (Hartmann et al 2015).
In our society, specially in Peru, at the corner of each street we can find a grocery store that normally sell junk food, but imagine that junk food can contain protein, vitamin and essential fatty acids (Kinyuru et. al 2013) because during the preparation it was added insects sour (Tenebrio or larvae and cricket) raised in innocuous conditions.
It would be a big change in our society!

Protein Nachos / Published April 16, 2018 by Danella Matheus

Danella Matheus

Protein Nachos

In Perú, the most popular brand of nachos is “DORITOS”, however is hated by a large part of the population for be part of the “junk food”. Considering that a large percentage of the consumers of that brand are children, we are doing a bad job to our vulnerable population. But we could change the concept of “junk food” if we add an ingredient that elevates the nutritional values. PIRUW has a developed a presentation of nachos with a net content of 50 grams and 5 grams of protein because of the cricket meal incorporated.

Lunch at home Piruw / Published April 16, 2018 by Danella Matheus

Danella Matheus

Lunch at home Piruw

Normally the insects shouldn’t include as a part of the dish of food, however in house in La Molina (Lima, Perú), the opposite happens. Some dishes that are prepared in our house have crickets and tenebrios as a protein source, substituting the chicken and meat. The flavour and texture of the crickets are similar to the shrimp, while enebrios don’t have a defined flavour and the texture is something oily.
The image attached show the crickets in the baking process, then they are incorporated into a good dish.
The nutritional value, higher in protein, fatty acids and vitamins, make it the perfect substitute, beside the place where the animals are raised are smaller compared to other traditional breeding.

Tenebrio oil, an option to combat malnutrition / Published April 16, 2018 by Danella Matheus

Danella Matheus

Tenebrio oil, an option to combat malnutrition

In our country there is an alarming problem that involves the destruction of the Peruvian Amazon forest due the cultivation of oil palm, that is destroying daily ancestral trees and thus destroying and the habit of a wide biodiversity of animals.
As part of the solution, PIRUW proposes the extraction of molitor Tenebrio oil, among its nutritional properties include iron, vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Omega 3, Omega 6. As we attach in the photo we can see the result of the extraction process. However, we are still in the process of the improvement.

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