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Prototype of Live Testing! / Published January 9, 2016 by Abu Karam Mohammed Sager

Abu Karam Mohammed Sager

Prototype of Live Testing!

We already spoke to few electronics engineers, who are expert in designing such microprocessor chip that has built in sensors. After a long discussion with them, they concluded that our idea is quite unique and it is possible to develop such chip.
The chip will consist of a microprocessor and built in sensors to detect the soil moisture level, temperature degree, water level and the fertilizer level as well. For example, when water is needed by crop, the soil moisture sensor senses it & a message is sent to the mobile. The mobile sends a reply which turns on the Motor. When the soil moisture is reached to sufficient level the motor is automatically turned off & a message is send to mobile that the motor is turned off. The same working principle applies for other sensors and equipment. When temperature drop to the critical limit then, temperature sensors senses that condition and apply irrigation water accordingly. The microprocessor will send signal to smart phone through GSM/ Bluetooth technology.
All we need is some good investors who will be willing to invest in developing the chip.

The second trial version of pitch video / Published January 8, 2016 by Abu Karam Mohammed Sager

Abu Karam Mohammed Sager

The second trial version of pitch video

This is the second trial version of our pitch video. The actual is ready and it is being uploaded. Till then, keep our eyes in our blog as our pitch will be published in a while...

Raise Your Voice / Published January 7, 2016 by Nujhat Nakiba Khushbu

Nujhat Nakiba Khushbu

Raise Your Voice

The time we went to these farmers in the field they were excited to know about the DIGITAL CULTIVATION process and happy that someone would come forward to give them a hand of help literally. Their sad, scared and frustrated faces suddenly became bright, happy and enthusiastic. They asked us from which organization we came? Are we from government? We said we are from ‘Thought for Food’ and briefly explained the whole thing. They were so happy that they gave us very warm greetings. They thanked ‘Thought for Food’ and also mentioned that finally someone recognized them as a human, someone understood their difficulties no matter how far they are. This is the FARMERS VOICE through my writing. Even some farmers started to weep with happiness.

It is time to raise the voice of the farmers. It is time to let the world hear and know what few words they want to say! They are the assets of our country, just need a little guidance and the productivity of cultivation will rise rapidly along with the economy, with their life standard. This thing not like distributing package foods for a day and feed one meal but it is a sustainable procedure in order to empower them. Productivity will not go up in one day, every great things take time. In a developing country and other developing countries like us the NOW is the TIME.

Let's hear them just for once!
You know, I know, We know they DESERVE IT.
It is their Right to be heard.

We are NOW in Field: Live Testing! / Published January 7, 2016 by Abu Karam Mohammed Sager

Abu Karam Mohammed Sager

We are NOW in Field: Live Testing!

After ample amount of secondary research, we decide to start primary research. We have interviewed many farmers from different places to strengthen our finding and analysis. This was a major task, as it gave new dimension to our idea and the way of implementing it. We also got the opportunity to speak to the farmers directly who are our prime target market. In addition, they even gave us some useful insight that we are looking forward to implement as well. In order, make our product more useful for them.
It was quite difficult and challenging to interview so many farmers in such remote places. Even then we did not give up. Since, we promised our self that we will overcome all the hurdles that we might face to accomplish our promise of 'Zero Hunger'. We are grateful to TFF, as they have provided us with a global platform where we can not only present our idea but also implement it to bring a change globally. All our findings and data analysis are done and they will be uploaded very soon. So keep an eye on our upcoming that will highlight all our filed study in more details.

True Heroes / Published January 6, 2016 by Nujhat Nakiba Khushbu

Nujhat Nakiba Khushbu

True Heroes

These are the few faces of those heroes who always get deprived from the society and from his own country. From the country, from the people for whom they are always producing food to feed everyone. They are always doing hard work to produce different sort of crops but always get exploited by one or another way. Their children are getting deprived from basic education where they would become the next generation producer of the crops upon which our country would be feed. If these heroes were not producing foods for us then we had to import all those foods from other countries which would ultimately affect our economy. As because they are producing, we are getting crops in different retailers shops or departmental shop to feed our family and stomach.

When we went for the survey, we came to know none other than us went to them for helping them in the agricultural arena. They asked us why governmental people do not go to them or even ask them to visit. They mentioned often they see in television that farmers are getting different types of benefits in India, so why not them? Why NGO’s do not visit them? We kept quite because we had no answers. Sigh!

These people sell happiness to us through producing foods but it seems that whoever sell happiness often left with nothing and often have to give up everything!!
How long it will continue like this ?..!? We must stop it…!!! We must share the happiness with them which sustains..!!

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