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Underutilized Legumes / Published March 1, 2018 by Patrick Bope

Patrick Bope

Underutilized Legumes

Malnutrition, poor health, hunger, and even starvation are still the world's greatest challenges. Acute shortage, unreliable supply, and elevated costs of protein-rich foods of animal origin in the developing and underdeveloped countries have resulted in the search for inexpensive and reliable alternative sources of protein of plant origin. Underutilized crops are important not only for their significant contribution to human nutrition, but also because they have been a source for traditional medicine for a long time. Legumes have been recognized to be the 2nd most valuable plant source for human and animal nutrition. It has become imperative for local governments along with food researchers and nutritionists to search for cheap, reliable, and safe plant-based resources to accomplish the demand for protein-rich foods.
Their use in the food industries as food ingredient will enhances the nutritional properties of food product.

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