Our Workspace / Published May 7, 2018 by Widya Habib

Widya Habib

Our Workspace

we have already worked all day and all night to make this machine so it will help people against food insecurity and safety.

Improve Nutrition and Keep Environment Sustainable Food / Published May 6, 2018 by Festus Septian Yoesafat

Festus Septian Yoesafat

Improve Nutrition and Keep Environment Sustainable Food

Food is the one of the essential needs of human need. Not only serves to expel hunger, consume various types of food can also improve health and organ function.
However, as the increasingly diverse types of food that is more easily obtained, it is even more widespread cases of malnutrition that hit the various countries. According to Prof. Ir. Ahmad Sulaeman, MS, PhD, a nutrition and food safety expert of BAI/IPB (Bogor Agricultural Institute), in a study found the fact that as many as 870 million people worldwide suffer from chronic malnutrition, including in Indonesia. As many as 37.2 percent of Indonesian children are experiencing malnutrition that result in the emergence of dangerous diseases in the old days.
Several factors contribute to the increasing number of cases of malnutrition in the world. The lack of variation in the menu of food, as well as the number of food ingredients are wasted into several main factors.
Prof. Ahmad Sulaeman explanation there needs to be a sustainable food concept to increase the nutritional value and protect the environment from damage. Talking about it, what exactly is the concept of sustainable food?
The concept of sustainable food developed by FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) is an effort to protect consumers while keeping the conservation of the earth simultaneously by paying attention to foodstuffs, the process of manufacture, and waste generated. By implementing a sustainable food system, we can ensure that the food through the processing process is good and good impact on the environment.
To make it happen, according to Prof. Ahmad, there are steps that can be done by people who want to implement sustainable food. The first to know the types of packaged foods that have been fortified or have experienced the process of adding nutrients and vitamins beneficial to the body.
Whether you realize it or not, nowadays many types of food have less balanced nutrition. And the consumption of fortified foods such as cereals, milk, baby formula, to packaged herbal tea is believed to be an additional solution so that less nutrition cases can be reduced.
Second is to pay attention to the waste produced by food. In addition to causing illness, food waste is also at risk of damaging nature. Some ways that can be done is to process food waste into something more useful and does not leave food because it can be a hotbed of germs and disease if not reprocessed properly.
And the last thing is to give priority to the food ingredients produced by local farmers. In addition to joining the nation's economic welfare, foodstuffs produced by local farmers are believed to be healthier and contain fewer additives and preservatives.
In addition, buying vegetables and fruits during the middle of the season can also be done. Seasonally-grown vegetables and fruits do not contain much chemicals, making them healthier and safer to eat.
In addition to meeting the nutritional needs, by applying the concept of sustainable food, it has become an ethical consumer responsible with food and the environment

Festus Septian Yoesafat

Papua Provincial Government Shocked about 61 Asmat Children Died from Bad Nutrition

The Provincial Health Office of Papua shocked about the existence of church reports from Asmat Districts that related to the deaths of 61 children due to the malnutrition and measles diseases. This incident was the last extraoordinary incident of an similar case that happened in 2011. According to Ministry of Health data, there are 646 children affected by measles outbreak and 144 children suffering from malnutrition in Asmat. Also found 25 children suspected of measles and four children affected by measles and malnutrition.
Geographical conditions and lack of medical personnel and food are the main causes of malnutrition in Asmat.


We famous / Published May 6, 2018 by Widya Habib

Widya Habib

We famous

we and our machine food monster Indonesia have been filming for national TV Station called Laptop si unyil and Dunia Binatang trans 7. also have been filming for campus TV station" UB TV".

Indonesia Second Largest Food Waster / Published May 5, 2018 by Widya Habib

Widya Habib

Indonesia Second Largest Food Waster

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, Indonesia is the world's second largest food waster, squandering nearly 300 kilograms of food per person each year.
The high rate of food loss in Indonesia, an energy specialist says, could be due to inadequate infrastructure between food producing regions and major population centers, which causes delays in food transportation.
The fact that Indonesians waste so much food is ironic as millions in the country suffer from malnutrition — 7.6 percent of the 260 million population, according to the EIU report.

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