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Design Statement / Published October 24, 2014 by Eric Vandenbrink

Eric Vandenbrink

Design Statement

For our product to be successful, it needs to simplify an extraordinarily complex problem and be easy for both growers and buyers to use.

Our top priority is ease of use. We will always prioritize the few essential features and ease of use over comprehensive solutions.

Finally it is important that the design be inviting and not intimidate or exclude those who are less comfortable or familiar with technology.

Insights x3 / Published October 24, 2014 by Eric Vandenbrink

Eric Vandenbrink

Insights x3

1. Buyers specify buying requirements and growers need to follow those requirements, and the distributors are in the middle--so there is a gap between where demand is specified and those who need to learn about it.

2. Testing happens at the buyer warehouses, and shipments get rejected there, when it's too late for distributors to find a new buyer. This is a source of food waste.

3. Each buyer has their own standards for specifying requirements above industry standards. This is a big challenge for growers, and an opportunity for us.

Exploring Food Waste / Published October 17, 2014 by Eric Chappell

Eric Chappell

Exploring Food Waste

Our Explore phase has helped illuminate just how troubling food waste is. Most estimates suggest that the US wastes around 40% of the food that it grows, much of that done by consumers who do not use food before it spoils. On average, each person in the US wastes 1.5 pounds of food, the equivalent of throwing away a dinner and half of their lunch.

Outside the US, food waste is an issue because of improper storage and transportation techniques. Food supply chains are also more susceptible to environmental conditions such as extreme heat and cold. Still, every country lags behind the US in food waste and global food waste is estimated at one-third of production. Where food waste occurs also differs in developing countries, with most waste occurring in production, harvesting and transportation.

Ground Truth team / Published October 10, 2014 by Eric Vandenbrink

Eric Vandenbrink

Ground Truth team

Sadly, Wes couldn't make this meeting, so it's just Erics C and V for this one.

GroundTruth team, hard at work / Published October 10, 2014 by Eric Vandenbrink

Eric Vandenbrink

GroundTruth team, hard at work

Eric C, mapping out the value chain!

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