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Global Foodies | 1: Egg Contamination / Published February 8, 2018 by Hairil Fiqri

Hairil Fiqri

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Introducing: Team Hatch-Hack :) / Published February 7, 2018 by Hairil Fiqri

Hairil Fiqri

Introducing: Team Hatch-Hack :)

Nowadays food consumption was increased rapidly, it’s related to the increase of human population in the world. According to Indonesian Central Bureau of Statictics (2015), reported most of animal product consumption was increased during 2014 until 2015. In the other hand, Indonesia still has a low amount of animal product consumption. One of animal protein source is poultry meat especially duck and chicken, but this animal product suffering from low hatchability in traditional breeders. Staphylococcus aureus and Salmonella are bacteria on duck egg can caused death embryos are the main challenge for traditional breeders. The presence of pathogens decreases the hatchability to only 60%.

The breeders were using a chemical antibacterial agent which show a good result for egg hatchery, but it caused contamination for Day Old Duck (DOD). Some chemical anti bacteria are promising a rapid result, easy to find in the market and can kill bacteria or slow down their growth, but gives bad effect in the continuous application which caused resistance to the pathogens.

According to that condition, we need to provide a substitution for a chemical antibacterial agent. One of the potential tropical plantations which can be used for a natural antibacterial agent is cherry leafs (Muntingia calabura). We are proudly present Team Hatch-Hack from Brawijaya University to utilize the potential of Muntingia calabura leaf extract as a natural antibacterial agent in poultry eggs hatchery and influence on the hatchability and reducing embryos mortality. In this research we hope can help the traditional breeders to increase the number of hatchability of eggs as the starting step of this business before it influences to the industrial scale of egg hatchery in Indonesia and also in the world to help feed people in the world.

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