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Expert input #1 / Published January 9, 2017 by Diego Barba Gonzales

Diego Barba Gonzales

Expert input #1

Ing. Agr. Francisco kempff Saucedo
Master in fruit growing.
"According to the study I did in the valleys I could see the needs of the fruit growers. In the nurseries of Vallegrande province, they are not producing citrus seedlings, so the plants they own are carried from other regions, such as El Torno, with the consequent dangers of carrying new pests and diseases mentioned in the study.
It seems to me that with this project they could fill the gaps that this productive sector has and if they give better conditions to the farmers, they in return will give better fruits to the consumers."

GIF Masters! / Published January 6, 2017 by Diego Barba Gonzales

Diego Barba Gonzales

GIF Masters!

Grafting citrus trees / Published January 6, 2017 by Alejandra Justiniano Vaca

Alejandra Justiniano Vaca

Grafting citrus trees

The Importance of Good Grafting in Food Security

We Famous! / Published January 6, 2017 by Alejandra Justiniano Vaca

Alejandra Justiniano Vaca

We Famous!

Thanks to the newspaper El Deber for the note!

On Time, On Target! / Published January 5, 2017 by Vicente Gumucio Arze

Vicente Gumucio Arze

On Time, On Target!

Sharing our Design Statement
Although Bolivia has very fertile areas appropriate for fruit production, it does not have trained producers to handle the task correctly. Also the vegetable materials are very old and their origin is not exactly known, therefore they are very unproductive and ill.
We propose the implementation of a greenhouse which will provide growers with new and healthy plants, as well as a complete capacity building program. We will ensure grafted plants according to the needs of the area and the producer.
Currently the fruit production in Bolivia is declining due to strong attacks of diseases and pests caused by the low quality of the plants and excessive use of agrochemicals. These low yields are increasingly making the small farmers, who do not have other sources of income, migrate to the cities in search of greater opportunities. In addition, there is a lack of incentives and market policies.

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