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We've got our logo! / Published November 6, 2015 by Salman Zamal

Salman Zamal

We've got our logo!

We've named our project Harvest 360°. And it needed a cool look. So here it is!

post-it-chaos / Published November 6, 2015 by Kazi Ahmed Arif Fuad

Kazi Ahmed Arif Fuad


Beautiful chaos- battle of ideas- linking up different spectrum of our views and here's what we got after our whole day's work !!

Global Foodies / Published November 6, 2015 by Sadia Nusrat Siddique

Sadia Nusrat Siddique

Global Foodies

Three global food issues that we found during our research and exploration sessions:

1.Post-Harvest Loss
In developing countries post harvest loss causes problem in supplies, rise in price and customer dissatisfaction. Post harvest loss is created mainly by handling loss. Perishable food products like vegetables and fruits need customized packaging and ideal temperature. Grains and seeds need protection from insects, dust and viruses. Developing countries lose 20% to 50% of their actual food production because of post harvest loss.

2.Unequal Distribution

There is clear visible inequality in the distribution system of food. In developed countries, people spend only 10%-20% of their total income for food while people of developed countries are spending up to 80% of their total income behind food. Clearly these people will die of hunger in case of severe food crisis. Transportation cost, faulty storage system, lack of knowledge ar the main reason of unequal distribution. Feasible sustainable solutions are needed to cut the cost of food in developing countries.

3.Water Supply

Water availability is the key to boost up crop yields all around the world.Finding out land where water can be supplied, the humidity is just right and the soil quality is perfect for each individual crop is a challenge that farmers face. Unnecessary flooding of the fields and insufficient water supply both can damage the crop production. Many of the food items need water in their processing stage as well. So ensuring water supply is one of the main global food issues.

4 weeks 4 food / Published November 3, 2015 by Mujtaba Rafid

Mujtaba Rafid

4 weeks 4 food

Only 28 days left- time to gear up our brain-engines!!! Connecting Billion neurons for feeding billions- here's the plan!

Our Workplace / Published October 22, 2015 by Salman Zamal

Salman Zamal

Our Workplace

Had our first meeting today. We studied and discussed about the major problems of food production, storage and consumption

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