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Global Foodies 3 / Published January 14, 2017 by Rizki Septian San

Rizki Septian San

Global Foodies 3

Food is an essential part of health and wellbeing – chosen, prepared, cooked and consumed correctly, food is medicine – it can and has been an enormous catalyst to gains in life expectancy and quality of life to populations around the globe. But this is an important; mismanaged, unregulated, recklessly advertised, poorly produced and over consumed, food can have dire public health consequences. And those consequences are currently playing out around the world. Food companies, governments, the medical community, the food supply, what we eat, how we eat, food policies and what we subsidise, how much we eat and what we waste will all dictate whether, in the next century, food can once again be a catalyst of health – or continues as a risk to it.

Global Foodies 2 / Published January 14, 2017 by Rizki Septian San

Rizki Septian San

Global Foodies 2

Improvements in nutrition may have given us enormous health benefits this last century, but food-related disease, including obesity, has now become our greatest health challenge for the current century. In addition to half a billion people still undernourished worldwide – today diabetes, heart disease, cancers and lung disease, are the leading cause of global deaths. Diseases which are both caused and solved, in part, by food. Now this is not to suggest that it is simply a question of calories in versus calories out, but the food we eat, can afford and have access to – and how this is marketed, packaged and served – is a large dictator of our health.

Global Foodies / Published January 14, 2017 by Rizki Septian San

Rizki Septian San

Global Foodies

Food is essential to global health, right down to the individual level. As food systems become more processed, supply-chains become longer, and our diets are characterised by a long list of chemicals rather than ingredients – we are losing our personal connection to food. Our understanding of how to choose it, cook it and consume it. And this is occurring almost ubiquitously. Understanding food and where it comes from, is an essential knowledge nugget for a healthy society – and crucial for those working in health. As the Journal of the American Medical Association recently published, the old medical adage of “see one, do one, teach one” must also become “see one, taste one, cook one, teach one”. Engaging with the education and political sectors to ensure this is understood, would be time and energy well spent for any global health enthusiast or doctor. Food must become a more accepted part of the clinical mandate.

GIF - Masters / Published January 14, 2017 by Ediwasito


GIF - Masters

Shows our product's prototype!
Can you see the sparkle dust in the liquid? It's a vanillin.
Feels the aroma!

WAY TO GO / Published January 13, 2017 by Ediwasito



We shared a picture of our plan. This is for iterating our project, LignoFlava! An aromatic flavor agent!

Another introduction of our project. We know that food is an important global issue. After we learn about food processing, we know that sometimes, we put an addition to our food. What is food additive? How its impact to food as global issue? Check out this infographic.


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