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Fighting locust plagues while increasing milk yields! / Published January 10, 2016 by Patricia Tohalino

Patricia Tohalino

Fighting locust plagues while increasing milk yields!

Did you know that locust plagues are one of the major problems faced by farmers in Africa? Locust swarms can travel hundreds of kilometers per day, consuming most of the vegetation in their path and causing devastating damages to local farmers’ crops.

Did you also know that Africa’s milk consumption comes to only ONE THIRD of the world average due to the local cows’ being significantly malnourished?

What if we could gather the locusts and use them to create a protein-rich powder for cows, reducing crop damage while increasing milk yields and helping millions of Africans to have a better nutrition?

“Locust Pocus” aims to tackle Africa’s two problems, damaged crops and malnourished cows, in order to help feed more people in the coming years!

Keep checking our webpage for more updates! :-)

Which idea do we choose? / Published December 29, 2015 by Veronica Tisera

Veronica Tisera

Which idea do we choose?

Hello all!

We have, by now, been working for a few weeks on our project and our pitch, defining how we can help feed 9 billion people by 2020!

We started using the design lab methods, and have definitely proved how helpful they can be in a team thinking and analysis process! See above part of it.

More to come soon from Locust Pocus!

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