TFF pitch text. Posted for NUTRAMIRACLERS-2017 / Published January 15, 2017 by Irfana Sathar

Irfana Sathar

TFF pitch text. Posted for NUTRAMIRACLERS-2017

There are a lot of food processing industries across the globe. For example if one of the food proceseing industry could serve 50 people then the waste could feed 30 people by simply processing it. Our aim was not only to fill the stomachs of the 9+billion but to provide them with a nutirious food.keeping these two formulas in mind we have developed a new product using the orange peel from the orange processing industries, corn silk from the corn industry. We have also used barnyard millet which an underused crop. Now here comes a twist for nutrition we have incorporated Euglena which is a safe, nutritious edible aglae. To conclude we chose this because Agricultural lands are turning up into industrial lands. We have enough of everything but just a piece of art how to use it is going to decide our future.

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