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NOSTALGIC / Published January 6, 2016 by Shalu Gupta

Shalu Gupta


As we were going through photos and videos to upload the repo, i became nostalgic. these 2 months have been so great and we got to learn so much. From the genesis till the end it was a wonderful time. we learnt so much, got the perspective of different people. This turned out to be a eye openerand eventually helped us to reach our goals. .

PROBLEM / Published January 5, 2016 by Deeptanshu Dey

Deeptanshu Dey


We started to discuss problem and its just not one its many, we at least discovered this. But what is more essential element that we need to solve, everyone has different opinion. what to do ? how to proceed? after a heated argument things became clear that we needed a break, and there's nothing a sandwich can't solve.

THE FIRST WEEK DRAMA / Published January 4, 2016 by Deeptanshu Dey

Deeptanshu Dey


So we begin the journey with all kind of drama, who will be our team mates,or are we capable enough to deal with this, or what will be the possible solution to the most important question we have faced till now "How to feed 9 Billion People?" Even as we discuss the problems my mind boggles to the number 9 billion! How did we end up in this turmoil? the answer is simple and is right in front of us but we just don't want to address them. Our discussions led me to believe that we live in harsh times and the future is bleak, but there's a hope "US".

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