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Identification of Problems Faced by The Farmers / Published December 8, 2016 by Salsabila Nadhif

Salsabila Nadhif

Identification of Problems Faced by The Farmers

Most people in Blora and as well in Indonesia live as a farmer. One of the problems that are faced by them in general is failed harvesting caused by pest attacks. One example to eradicate the pest that is environmentally friendly is with pest management by seeking the remains destroyer plants (pests) and destroy it by using insect traps. Some constraints on the use of insect traps are:
1. To turn on the light trap requires source voltage from the grid. When the rice fields are far from home and the prohibition to supply power in the outside area made PLN difficulty then arises, how to get the voltage source.
2. Harnessing the power of wind and sunlight as an energy source that can be used to turn the lights on trap insects. How to design a windmill that is suitable for Blora area which according to weather forecasts in Central Java and Blora district in particular has an average wind speed of 3-4 m / s.

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