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Food Wastage / Published October 6, 2015 by Sayeed Mohammed

Sayeed Mohammed

Food Wastage

It is estimated that in Irish catering sector the food wastage equivalents to 200 million euros. Food wastage is the prime cause for food shortage in the world. We eat more than our limit and waste it even more. No matter what ideas we present or what technique we innovate nothing will work if this goes on. So we must change ourselve and then we can think of a solution.

Three interesting facts about global food issues / Published October 5, 2015 by Sayeed Mohammed

Sayeed Mohammed

Three interesting facts about global food issues

We were brain storming about our ideas from the idea garage and found a lot facts about the global food issues. These facts we knew but we didn't think about it for a moment all we do is eat and wasting food but never ever thought about the consequences. So before writing this we first of all like to thank the TFF team to bring such a competition because apart from finding solutions it really helped us to get conscious about the objective and try individually to change the scenario. Lets jump into the subject matter.

1. The first and foremost issue we have right now is the use of formalin in every kinds of edible foods. In a developing country like ours formalin are used in widespread. So what happens if formalin is sprayed over crops and vegetables? Formalin is like an anti aging substance it preserves fruits for months without rotting. So why is this bad? because it is detrimental to our health and causes many disease which are incurable. In 2011, the National Toxicology Program, an interagency program of the Department of Health and Human Services, named formaldehyde as a known human carcinogen in its 12th Report on Carcinogens. From carcinogens cancer is caused. Formalin This act is threat to global food security and this issue remains unresolved for many years

2. Secondly if we speak about an issue it would be wasting of food. We visited many restaurants in Dhaka City and ask the waiter/manager about wasting and from their views we can out of 10 people eating in a restaurant 7 people waste food. We were alarmed at this condition because in recent times the prices of food in increasing and so we must be conservative in this sector rather than wasting it. Many people can't eat twice a day. Its totally a moral issue. Food wastage is equivalent to money wasting and that's pretty bad because more and more people are eating in restaurants and this will affect the economy of a country

3. Thirdly, nutrition is all we need. We are eating food but are we eating healthy food? No at least 1 out 4 people eat fast food everyday. In 2010, an estimated 7.6 million children — more than 20,000 a day — died. Poor nutrition plays a role in at least half of these deaths. We must provide solutions to eradicate world hunger but we must also provide nutritious food for all. People are more relying on burgers than apple. There are some people who have their breakfast, lunch and dinner as fast food. Lack of nutrition is making our brain dull also.

So after hours of session and idea parking we have decided this 3 point to be a global food issue and I hope many of us will also agree with this blog. Once again thanks to TFF as I have never written any blog or what so ever but TFF created such a platform to share our views to the world :)

Trickling in action / Published October 3, 2015 by Sayeed Mohammed

Sayeed Mohammed

Trickling in action

This is how the irrigation system works in trickle concept

Israel and trickle irrigation / Published October 3, 2015 by Sayeed Mohammed

Sayeed Mohammed

Israel and trickle irrigation

A thriving irrigation technology industry has been developed, primarily on Israel’s kibbutzim, which has given birth to innovative technologies and devices, such as drip irrigation, automatic valves and controllers, media and automated filtration systems, low-discharge sprayers, mini-sprinklers, and compensated drippers and sprinklers.. More than 80% of the irrigation products manufactured in Israel are exported. Trickle irrigation has become a hallmark of Israeli agricultural technology around the world. This technology enables farmers to optimize water usage by channelling water in precise doses to where it is needed most. In addition, trickle irrigation limits evaporation, reduces the need for fertilizers and chemicals, facilitates the control of plant disease, and mitigates soil salination and weed growth.

Idea Garage or Idea Parking / Published October 3, 2015 by Sayeed Mohammed

Sayeed Mohammed

Idea Garage or Idea Parking

Three of us went through a lot of discussions and everyone shared their own ideas. Now hope to come up with a great solution for the TFF movement

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