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Food and urbanization / Published November 13, 2015 by Ankita Shrestha

Ankita Shrestha

Food and urbanization

According to FAO, 70% people are expected to live in urban area by 2050 and in present context urbanization has increased rapidly. This rate in developing countries is even higher which has given rise to unplanned and unmanageable urbanization. This shift has caused a major problem in food production as there is less land available for cultivation. So the main question is, how will 9 billion people get their food by 2050?

With urbanization as a global issue, our concern must be towards cultivating and producing more crops so as to meet the food demand of the people. To maximize the amount of crops and to minimize the food loss during transportation, we need to focus on the in situ growth of crops. The development of technique that makes most use of the space available in urban area along with the sustainable utilization of the natural resource is the focal point of feeding urban population.

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