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Hunger and Poverty Alleviation through E-Agriculture and Agri business

The application of ICT system in Agriculture for sustainable food security and rural development will transform the world economy in a very unique way.However, the world will never be transformed by neither Hungry nor Poor people. Our team's fundamentally concern is to develop new business solutions that shall tackle the complex challenges surrounding how to feed and nourish 9+ billion people globally by 2050. We both believes that Hunger is Poverty. Once we feed our 9+ billion people, together we can focus on the sustainable development of our world today.
What is the way forward?
Our team's solution is firmly " E-agriculture and Agribusiness". If we combine the application of the ICT system and our pool of technology filled with a list of professionals the problem will be solved. Our pool of technology consists of Solar Power, Drip irrigation, Green house and Biotech. Since most of the rural don't have access to power or can't afford the daily shooting up power tariff, our innovations will rely on Solar power as the reliable source of energy. We will use solar power to pump and distribute water from the underground water bore holes.The underground water bore holes will save not only the water crisis for human and animals consumption but for our irrigation programs and a huge relief from water bills from different water authorities.

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