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Land Conversion in Indonesia / Published November 28, 2015 by Zhafirah Putri Hutami

Zhafirah Putri Hutami

Land Conversion in Indonesia

Still discussing global food issue, this time I will talk about the reduction of agricultural land. you are wrong if it considers that this is not a big problem. Because in Indonesia alone, each year is not less than 110 000 hectares of paddy field switching function. The agricultural land conversion will lower food production, especially with the high population growth rate. Land conversion have two unfavorable impact in both economic and ecological impact. In terms of ecology, land conversion causes a decrease capacity of the land, and resulted in a decrease in water resources. From the economic side, land conversion is not only have an impact on agricultural production, but also resulting the loss of employment opportunities in rural areas, the loss of agricultural investment such as irrigation, infrastructure and others. For that we need to safe the world food security by helping owners of productive land, to cultivate the land.

Brain Food : Apple is so yummmyyy! / Published November 28, 2015 by Rifka Aulia

Rifka Aulia

Brain Food : Apple is so yummmyyy!

Global Food Issue: Food Waste Becoming A Costly Issue in Utah / Published November 28, 2015 by Resa Masela Khairunnisa

Resa Masela Khairunnisa

Global Food Issue: Food Waste Becoming A Costly Issue in Utah

In Utah and the rest of the country, food waste is becoming a big issue. Buried food waste causes methane gas, and landfills should pay millions of dollars to manage that. One of the causes of food waste is the food chain. There is a lot of waste throughout the food chain from farms, to distributors, grocery stores, and consumer's kitchen.

It would be better if the food chain is cut. Therefore, consumer will get fresher foods, and food waste problem can be tackled.


Global Food Issue / Published November 27, 2015 by Zhafirah Putri Hutami

Zhafirah Putri Hutami

Global Food Issue

This time I wrote about one of the articles I stumbled upon the internet. I think this article is one of the reasons we follow these challenges. every year the world are experiencing difficulties in feeding all its inhabitants. This article from the United Nations tell us how food influence other aspects of the world such as poverty, health and mortality. If we think about it, all this talk about food will not come to an end, unless we find the solution for all this global issues. What we need to find a solution to the problem of food crisis is to find out the cause.
The number one on my list is the culture. for example at this day, millions of people in the US spend so much food to celebrate thanksgiving. But, in other parts of the world millions of other people trying to scavenge food. The second cause is the fault of perspective, because poverty is not a protector from food-related disease, but a risk factor for it. And the last is a growing disconnect between food and people. Understanding food and where it comes from, is an essential knowledge nugget for a healthy society - and crucial for reviews those working in health. The last point is the reason we made this framework. We want to connecting food and people, so we can resolve this issue.

Work Space #3 / Published November 27, 2015 by Sasmita Dewi Winahyu

Sasmita Dewi Winahyu

Work Space #3

We were trying to fix our Siramin device, we want it to as cool as possible so we really put a hard work in developing this framework.

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