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The Last Push / Published May 9, 2018 by A K M Tousif Tanzim Ahmed

A K M Tousif Tanzim Ahmed

The Last Push

Preparing the submission contents for TFF 2018 was an absolute hectic experience. All of the team members being university students we had to put in extra effort managing the time for TFF. Quite a few classes had to be sacrificed along with attendance marks to get a lot of the work done.With all the members being from different years, we had classes at different time schedules. Time tables had to juggled in between classes to manage day to day activities. There were some tasks we left for the day before submission and that almost made us miss the deadline. All our submission contents were revised and ready.Just some mini edits for the concept video were left. Suddenly we started facing some unexpected technical difficulties with the audio for the concept video in the last few hours.Including the video narrator, half of the team members were attending their exams at the university at that time. There was a mild panic building into a massive one. But the issues were managed nevertheless and we were able to upload the video minutes before the deadline breathing a sigh of relief. I'd say the tension and rush made it an experience to remember better.

What is Super Shroom? / Published May 9, 2018 by A K M Tousif Tanzim Ahmed

A K M Tousif Tanzim Ahmed

What is Super Shroom?

Super Shroom is a year-round micro-farming model of Oyster Mushroom that addresses malnutrition in remote and underprivileged areas in South Asia.

The cultivation process is inexpensive and can be easily done at home. Malnourished families in targeted areas will be provided free cultivation training and spawns, which they will grow, consume and sell back to Super Shroom, hence transforming their lives with a supercharged diet and surplus income.

The sold yield will be utilised to fulfill the growing demand in market and generate revenue for sustainability.

An easy year-round micro-farming model of Oyster Mushroom ensuring nutrition & surplus income for malnourished populations in remote areas.

Micro-Farming Model of Oyster Mushroom / Published May 8, 2018 by A K M Tousif Tanzim Ahmed

A K M Tousif Tanzim Ahmed

Micro-Farming Model of Oyster Mushroom

Malnutrition is responsible for causing health hazards, weaker immunities, resulting in stunted growth to death, especially among women and children residing in rural remote areas.

If these malnourished and underprivileged families had access to a super food while securing some surplus income for themselves it would mean partially solving two core aspects of food security and breaking the poverty cycle.

Oyster Mushroom is a superfood having high protein content close to that of any meat, nutritional content higher than that of most vegetables with an extraordinarily high number of disease prevention capabilities.

Our solution is a micro farming model of oyster mushrooms designed to be a self-sustaining social business conducted in the following steps.

Step 1- Installation of a super shroom hub in the chosen rural area .This whole model functions centering the Hub.

Step 2- Commercial Spawns will be produced from the mother culture in the hub.

Step 3- We gather interested individuals willing to be a part of the Super Easy Super Shroom farming model.

Step 4- Free cultivation training and spawns will be distributed from the hubs to the cultivators

Step 5 - In 7-10 days the spawns will give yield

Step 6 - The families will consume half the yield ensuring nutrition for themselves and Super Shroom hubs will purchase back the other 50% of the yield from them.

Step 7- Back in the hub, the mushrooms will be processed & packaged maintaining proper hygiene.

Step 8 - The produce will be distributed in the local markets, super shops, restaurants and hotels where mushrooms are a growing demand now.

Step 9 - With the revenue generating from the sales, it will work as a subsidy for the spawns given to the cultivators at free of cost.

When one hub reaches break even,installation of a new one will initiate in another area following the same process. Thus scaling our business from Bangladesh to South Asia.

Super Shroom aims to Supercharge Everyone’s Diet with Oyster Mushroom,while reducing poverty among the underprivileged malnourished population of South Asia,transforming their lives into a better and healthy one.

Super Shroom, Supercharge Your Diet.

The Solution / Published May 7, 2018 by Samin Yasar

Samin Yasar

The Solution

The issue of malnutrition being an acute issue is not only in the context of Bangladesh.The South Asian countries almost follow a same pattern of socio-economic reality ,where there are masses living in the remote rural regions dealing with lack of nutrition and economic restraint in getting access to a balanced diet.Since the weather of Bangladesh is considered preferable from mushroom culture, the same can be said for a majority of the South Asian countries.Our simple farming model is applicable in any region comprising of the same category of people.Having these factors in check Super Shroom has it's scalability in the South Asian region.

Supercharge Your Diet! / Published May 7, 2018 by Samin Yasar

Samin Yasar

Supercharge Your Diet!

How this idea would work in solving malnutrition was not an assumption but already proved. The mushroom community that developed around the Savar area according to the narrative of our friend had already achieved that stage of implementation but died down due to lack of proper marketing and funding. Further research from around the globe led us to believe more in our concept. Real life examples of mushrooms being treated as a viable solution to malnutrition by different organizations, government gave our idea more solid ground. With our idea having enough legitimacy we focused more on how the business model for it could be made into a self-sustainable one.Thus our decision to become a non-profit or more precisely a social business. Also the additional income bit of our business model gives us a brighter picture where the involved population can earn a minimum allowing them access better food while consuming nutritious food.Thus,addressing food security partially. Mushroom consumption in our country has developed in such a way that it's not avialable in general local markets nor do people consume it in general.We also believe that re-branding it properly can set a lot of notions straight,break stigmas and normalize the consumption of mushroom as a general edible.

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