Portable Popup Green House 4000 / Published September 21, 2015 by Alexis Freund

Alexis Freund

Portable Popup Green House 4000

We designed a portable popup green house that will provide food for people in all climates and areas. Our invention is a collapsible greenhouse that can be used to grow different edible plants, such as tomatoes, celery, green onions, rice, and other staple crops that can be used to feed people in rural areas of developing countries. Similar inventions exist, but our system is designed to be a charitable effort, where when someone in the US or Europe purchases one of the greenhouses, two will be sent to a rural village in a developing nation to help supplement the diets of people living there with easily grown staple vegetables. Each greenhouse will come with fertilized soil and several packets of seeds to allow for the plants to be grown multiple times. Only water needs to be added. The greenhouses sent to other countries will come with multiple seed packets and soil so that the people who receive them can use the greenhouse multiple times to the point that they are then able to grow more plants from the ones they already have.

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