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Insight + Insight + Insight / Published October 23, 2014 by Simarvir Singh

Simarvir Singh

Insight + Insight + Insight

Our strategies regarding the food security and zero wastage of food starts with the ground level that is the small farmers. We realized that our market strategies shall start with small land holder farmers and then expanding towards requirement of hybrid seeds. We require to distribute such seeds through direct sales at reasonable price to the farmers so that their conditions could be recovered without spending much. Our rice bucket challenge is going a long way and all the team members are now taking it up at a broader level as we have approached companies to collaborate and work with us in the same direction.
The community fridge which is a key partner is going to sponser us will help in providing more food and zero wastage at every doorstep.

design statement / Published October 22, 2014 by raj shekhar

raj shekhar

design statement

a small scale farmer, not aware of current agricultural advancements going on, wants to increase the production and decrease the wastage.. thinks of using hybrid seeds provided at cheap rates and regularly available.. and good facilities for the preservation of crops so that he can sell them in the odd seasons.. In a world where at present half of the population is starving and sleeping every night with empty stomach... farmer is doing its bit to help feed some of them.. we feed 9 billion people by editing the initial stage i.e. agriculture and crop production... :)

the beginning of the end / Published October 21, 2014 by raj shekhar

raj shekhar

the beginning of the end

as it is already the beginning of food end.. team the last bite is doing a little bit to meliorate this situation.. :) all of our members came forward with different ideas and we discussed the different aspects of each.. they were like community refrigerator, providing hybrid seeds to small farmers, better cold storage and rice bucket challenge.. :) so our next blogs will be about each of them...

#worldfoodday / Published October 16, 2014 by Yeshi Agarwal

Yeshi Agarwal


16th october celebrated as World food day all around the world. It was established by food and agriculture organisation of United Nations in the year 1945. The idea was driven by dr. Pal Romany in order to raise awareness regarding the issues behind poverty and hunger.
This year the theme fr the same is :- Feeding the world , caring for the earth.
And co-incidentally the mossion of our team The Last Bite is also the same.

on time, on target / Published October 16, 2014 by raj shekhar

raj shekhar

on time, on target

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