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TEAM SPIRIT / Published January 16, 2017 by Ahmad Fajri Syifaul

Ahmad Fajri Syifaul


Yeeaaaayyyy!!! We got all badges turned ON the lights. We're happy to see it. Thank you for all people who has been support and assist us to make it happened. A TEAM SPIRIT was a great. Begins from September till now, New Year in January. We've been tried our best. Can't wait to see the announcement in Ferbuary, 3rd. Woohhoooooo...


Woyo Regalia! Woyo-Woyo!

WE FAMOUS / Published January 15, 2017 by Alviyan .

Alviyan .


Four UNTIRTA's Student Discover Cereal Innovation of Talas Beneng. Tangerang, Four students from the University of Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa (UNTIRTA) consist of Fajri (Management Department), Alviyan (Economic Development), Dian and Anggita both majors Agroecotechnology. They found food innovation-based Talas Beneng, it named TB Cerefada. It taken from the abbreviation Talas Beneng Cereal and fourth name abbreviation. Anggita Pradhepti Welasih said that Talas beneng itself is a local commodity Pandeglang, Banten, which is currently being popularized as an icon of Banten province. With the characteristic of the natural yellow color, weight up to 40 kg in 2 years and be able to grow wild without special hold to making potential as a substitute for food in the future. "Cereal products themselves have been selected for further development of the times, and now people tend to like something instant," she said. Other reasons that underlie the innovation invention is far Indonesia still imports of cereal grain as raw material, while as a result of climate change makes the world grain production has declined. Thus the necessary diversification of local food " TB Cerefada made simply from flour beneng taro, which is based on previous research has been done by Anggita and Dian with the supervisor Tb. Bachtiar Rusbana. This study has also been published in the Proceedings of the Commission of Food National Technology Congress BPPT RI stating that taro flour beneng with special treatment had higher levels of carotene. In the process of flour mixed with water and the natural sweetener stevia leaf extract and boiled hot steam. After the oven and cut according to taste. For the final stage done frying pan without oil so low colestrol and healthy products. "It is expected that this innovation can be locally processed food diversification efforts so that we do not always rely on imported raw materials," she says. (Mad Sutisna / KK).

WE DID IT!! / Published January 15, 2017 by Ahmad Fajri Syifaul

Ahmad Fajri Syifaul


Yeaaayyy!!! We have been Submitted Final Pitch, including videos and concept details.

Expert input #5 - Sharing With Experts / Published January 14, 2017 by Anggita Pradhepti

Anggita Pradhepti

Expert input #5 - Sharing With Experts

1. Talas Beneng, firstly this plant included primitive plant at Karang Mountain, none look at it because of useless. But, nowdays this plant increasingly sought. It appears because this plant so usefull and can be food substitution. (Dudi Supriyadi - Agricultural Instructor Districts Karang Tanjung, Pandeglang Regency, Banten Province) [27/11/2016]

2. Talas beneng potential in the international food market industry because of its unique. (Margareta Meyer - Businessman Hague Netherlands) [26/12/2016]

3. Cereal, Taste delicious, fragrant, a taro was still felt. Perhaps texture needs to be fixed. (Dr. Susiyanti, SP., M.Si - Vice Director of Academic Field of Faculty of Agriculture Universitas Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa) [4/1/2017]

4. Cereal, Rather dark color resulting from the use of sucrose from sugar and therefore need alternative sweetener to retain the color. for texture after roasting in the oven could use a sand / stones so that the product is crisp and fat free. (Tb. Bachtiar Rusbana S.Tp., M.Si - lecturer in post-harvest and food experts) [4/1/2017]

Design Lab Experts #2 / Published January 14, 2017 by Anggita Pradhepti

Anggita Pradhepti

Design Lab Experts #2

This is What Experts assist for Our Project.

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