Hexagro Urban Farming: Our Mission by
Hexagro Urban Farming

Hexagro Urban Farming: Our Mission / Published October 25, 2016 by Felipe Hernández Villa-Roel

Felipe Hernández Villa-Roel

Hexagro Urban Farming: Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver socio-economic and sustainable value in the current food system by:
1) providing automatized, scalable, high-yield organic farming systems;
2) increasing the accessibility of healthy food to consumers in cities;
3) creating economic opportunities for urban farmers through a Collaborative Distribution Platform (Hexagro Urban Farming Network);
4) protecting the environment by reducing water waste, energy and pesticide consumption for the production, distribution and consumption of food;
5) generating social benefits partnering with nonprofit organizations, community gardens, educational institutions, research centers, needed emergency areas, etc.