Palm Plantation and Processing by
Future Leader

Palm Plantation and Processing / Published October 26, 2016 by Kabiru Adisa

Kabiru Adisa

Palm Plantation and Processing

We are a team Future Leader. Some decades ago, Nigeria was an important exporter of palm oil. But after the discovery of petroleum product and its commercialisation on the 1970s, the nation went to sleep on agriculture, and today the one time exporter of palm oil now imports the same product to meet its local need. This makes the product not only to become expensive but also exposes the consumer to risk of getting exposed to adulterated oil.

Our project involves the development of "cradle-to-cradle" model i.e. profitable and environmentally sound, Zero-burning techniques and the use of organic compost. Maize and plantain serves as subsidy.

The new project provides job opportunities for the teeming population, increase the income of the poor as 209 new workers will be employed with wages to take care of families and turn over the society. Our idea is strongly in line with the Sustainable Development Goals. Rural and urban people will also benefit. The company will be committed to protecting forests with high conservation values.

Our operating partner is Kabiru Muyiwa Ventures .It has strong foothold in palm oil industry and has marketed more than $ 24 Million nationwide growing at 8%. Rural and Urban customers, communities and Industries (for soap making) focus. Our project is supported for selling of product to the community's dwellers, market places and supermarkets. Customers pay competitive retail prices for our product (Palm oil, Kernel Oil, Maize, Plantain, Sludge, broom etc.) while we provide rewarding careers to workers.

We rely on skill of our management. We are projecting an increase in the Income of participating Farmers many of whom are presently living below poverty line. Integrated Pest Management and reduction of herbicide use focused. We will install 5 palm oil production machines in 12 months with projection of 10,000 gallons of palm oil Free of: Fatty Acid, cholesterol and smoke. In 12 months we expect to meet the annual Maize and plantain needs of 29,405 Nigerians, recording revenue of $74,347,$84,455 and $140,026 in the first 3 years thereby project ownership assured.

Palm oil seed will be procured from National Institute for Oil Research Nigeria to assure quality seed. Sales team penetrate market, environmentalist build sustainable farming and suppliers supply tools. Nigeria begin to export maize, oil and kernel in the next three years compare to present importation. Gestation period reduce as seed will be placed in nursery i.e. cost reduction and sustainability ensure. Pollution minimize, inspiring education in rural areas by providing jobs and create wealth