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ROADMAP TO SUCCESS / Published November 2, 2016 by Kabiru Adisa

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1.0 Introduction
2.0 Innovation Product and Warranty
3.0 Social impact mantra
4.0 Environment & Resources
5.0 Donors & Investors
6.0 Social Impact Baselines & Milestones
7.0 Assumptions & Givens
8.0 Project Operating Models
9.0 Innovator Capacity & Readiness
10.0 Project Team & Core Expertise
11.0 Partners & Collaboration

1.0 Introduction

For any project to be successful, it is pertinent to draw up a good plan for it. This will serve as a roadmap that will show the starting point as well as the paths to follow until the completion stage. In addition, for performance to be measurable at each stage of project execution, the roadmap is critical as the planned activity will be measured against actual result & necessary adjustments would be made where there is deviation.

This working document has been itemized and arranged into sub-headings (elements) that best convey how the project will move from the starting point to the completion stage and thereafter operate on-a-going concern basis.

Each element shall be discussed one after the other as follows:

2.0 Innovation Product & Warranty

The current situation in Nigeria which is characterized by graduate unemployment; mass rural-urban migration of which people of every cadre get involved in search of white collar jobs which are not enough to go round the migrants and also the suicide bombing operations of Boko-Haram sect pose dangers to life and properties of individual and also discourage people from staying in the North. This is the part of the nation where people engage in farming activities on a large scale and farm produce are normally being transported to other parts of the country mostly urban centres such as Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja, Port Harcourt etc. that are densely populated.

The situation of the country needs drastic attention and solution as advised by foreign intelligent monitoring body that famine is imminent in Nigeria if the activities of Boko-Haram should continue and quick steps are not taken in order to address it.

The establishment of oil-palm, maize as well as plantain and banana farm will assist in so many ways as stated hereunder:

- Prevention of famine and consequent death of the citizenry.
- Provision of employment for the unemployed individuals
- Encourage people to stay in the rural area as they can get involved in activities which can serve as their means of livelihood, there is consequent effect of urban population to reduce by the number of people to be employed whom might probably migrate to urban centres in search of jobs to earn their living.
- Farm product which might likely be exported to neighboring countries would add to National Product earnings (NI).
- The planting of oil-palm trees will assist the environment and individual living around as the oxygen needed by human being will be released while carbon-dioxide released by individual would be used by the plants for their growth.

3.0 Social impact mantra

An organization that aims at operating successfully and also continue to exist into the foreseeable future should not only focus on making profit or maximizing its benefits it should have its social responsibility to perform which have positive impact on the society at large.

The establishment of this project aims at benefiting individuals, companies, government and the community in which it will operate. As an individual there will be employment creation for unemployed labour who may wish to join the farm and earn their living, the supply of raw materials the farm needs for its operations would be done by an individual supplier in the locality it is to operate.
The equipment leasing company will benefit by giving their equipments for lease such as tractor to be used for planting purpose. Our farm patronage to their company will be the gain this company will enjoy as their social impact mantra.

Government in any economy can not solely create employment or produce goods and services which will enhance growth of national products there is need for collaborative efforts of individuals in the society to join hands with the government in this aspect of economic issue. The social impact mantra to government would be our product we intend to export abroad which will add to the nation’s foreign exchange earnings.
The community is another targeted group which is to benefit from our initiative as we intend to discharge social responsibility inform of pipe borne water or access road which is motorable.

While it is important that a country ensure it is export based economy to have positive balance of payment and be free from debt, critical efforts should be made by the government to create avenue for people or individual and company to produce goods and services which would be needed by other countries of the world. This will make the economy stable and assist government in generating foreign exchange earnings. It is in this consideration that we envisage government to be the most single group to benefit immensely on a global level.

The fact that the project targeted different groups of beneficiaries and customers in the society the impact mantra of individual group as analyzed above describes the project as an important social venture.

4.0 Environment and Resources

It is a great thing that our environment is extended with both abundant natural and human resources’ i.e. Nigeria as a nation is blessed with large land mass, minerals, goods weather to mention but a few – this gives us the opportunity to engage in farming activities as most necessary material needed for this kind of project are easily available.

In the context of this study, the necessary resources required for the success of this project shall be discussed one after the other as follows:
1. Land: ground or soil to be used for planting and upon which would be erected as farm structure.
2. Weather is described as the temperature and other conditions such as sun, rain and wind. The weather pattern in Nigeria can be categorized into 2: hot and cold weather. These two seasons are necessary for farm activities.
3. Human Resources: these comprises of both human capital and enterpreneural skills needed to be employed in planning, executing and running the project.
4. Seedlings: this refers to banana, plantain and oil palm young plants ready for transplanting from a seedbed.
5. Tractor: thin is a motor vehicle which is used especially for pulling farm machineries and heavy loads.
All these items mentioned above are regarded as environment and resources.
Categorically, Environment involves the relationships of the human nature such as social cultural and economic conditions in which both living (biotic) and non living (biotic) interacts.
Resources refer to the human values and instruments that are needed to create wealth.

Broadly speaking these elements are given by nature to survive, create values and earn a living. After careful study of the Nigeria Environment & its resources it has been discovered that our environment is rich in value and culture as well as the resources both human and non-human beings necessary for the growth and success of the kind of project we have chosen to embark upon.

Of all the resources mentioned above human resources, materials and in kind resources that are immediately accessible to our project and could be useful for this project ultimate success are: the seedlings to be supplied by Nigeria Palm Oil Research (NIFOR) and Federal Ministry of Forestry.

Mr. Adisa Kabiru Adeniyi is a Project expertise that is highly skilled in farming. He has contributed immensely in getting the suitable land for the purpose of this project. The present as well as future research work and selection of right labour is to be done by him.

Majorly, the Land acquired at Iwo, Osun state was purchased at a reduced cost due to large acres of land and the purpose for which it is to be used. Being a former employee of Osun State Agriculture Development Corporation, arrangement has been made to secure tractor and other farm machineries at a reduced cost pending the time there would be enough fund to purchase them for the farm future use.

As a form of assistance, International Institute of Topic Agriculture (IITA) has given us opportunity to use for free the Research work of related projects executed earlier by well established organizations such as Delta Oil Palm Plantation.


While donors as the name connotes refer to individuals or group of people that donates cash or valuable materials to support a project which is expected to have a positive impact on the recipient of such benefit, investors on the other hand, give their substances in terms of time, effort or cash as a form of investment into a business organization or establishments with a view to making profit or for a reward.

Our establishment has received appreciable attention and support from individuals such as: Land owners, community residents, government parastatals and research institutes. These categories of people have demonstrated their support by giving the resources at their disposal for free or at a reduced price.

At the commencement of this project, the owner’s equity was raised to the tune of N620, 000.00 to carry out preliminary study, conduct necessary research, register the company and pay for land acquisition.

Within three months of the execution of this project, we expect to obtain grants/loan from friends and families whom we have approached, other donors we hope to receive cash from are: Iyana Church (Ibadan) Fountain Cooperative Investment and Credit society Limited and Muslim Cooperative Society Iwo, Osun State. These two societies promised to give
N2, 000,000.00.

In the next six months, we expect to receive a grant between $1,000 and $3,000 from Dell Social Innovation challenge (People’s Choice Award).

Although, these donors do not expect any returns on their donations, they however expect us to create social impact on individuals such as employees both skilled and unskilled labor who would be paid wages and salaries for their time and efforts as well as skills to be used.

As stated earlier, the class of individual who expects to get returns on their investments is referred to as investors. Since, the inception of this project, an expertise who is a stakeholder in this project has invested a cash of N400,000.00 as well as his time and effort in conducting research and putting up a feasible plan for the successful take off of the project.

We expect to raise additional fund from coppers, other cooperative societies and Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund in the range of $450,000 to $1,000,000. The project concept has been submitted to these categories of people and we hope to receive their response as soon as possible.

Institutional Investment such as: corporate entities and shareholders associations are other classes of investors who are most likely invest in our project within six months as they have shown interest in our farm during our meeting with them.

6.0 Social Impact Baseline & Milestone

It is part of the objective of this project to improve the present conditions upon which individuals, companies and other stakeholders are operating. By making available our farm produce locally, companies that use them as their raw materials will find it easy to secure it at a cheap price and be able to produce to meet the demand of their customers.

In addition, some unemployed labor in the community in which we would operate will be gainfully employed and earn their living while they are to cater for their family members. The employment of this unemployed is guaranteed as the company is expected to operate on a going concern basis.

In essence, the poverty level of people is expected to reduce and economic condition of the community will be improved.

It is our aim that at different stages of this project the following target group must verifiably achieve gain as described hereunder:

 3 months: unemployed labor to be gainfully employed
 6 months: individuals and companies that would lease their equipments in exchange for their charges.
 1 year: individual consumers that will consume farm food crops (such as maize, banana & plantain).
 3 years: individual and companies that will use both food crops and cash crops for their immediate consumption and raw materials.

Aside customers and beneficiaries, any assessment that may be made to value and verify the social impact the project is delivering, should reveal: contributions to increased national output, social responsibility delivery, employment creation and encouraging rural dwellers to live in their community rather than migrating to urban centers.

It is our intention to spend 5.4 million N in payroll costs alone to permanent as well as casual workers. This money is then available to be spent in the community to buy goods and services from other entrepreneurs. We also will spend N25, 000,000.00 for goods and services necessary to run the company and hopefully provided by other local entrepreneurs. These include seedings from local nurseries, fertilizer, equipment and tools. It is our expectation that our effect on the local community between payroll and goods and services purchases will be N30, 400,000.00 and the rule of thumb is 6x multiplier effect

7.0 Assumptions & Givens

Given the current socio-economic conditions of overdependence on oil, high rate of unemployment, recent job loss in the labour market; imminent shortage of food supply in the country, there is need to embrace agriculture to curb the socio-economic menace.

Having presented the project aims and goals to different socio-economic groups it is a delightful thing that people are motivated to support our project towards its intended global impact success.

Provision of raw materials by our farm for manufacturing companies: such as breweries & soap industries is a key factor that there will be regular production and supply of the finished products to the final user whether locally or internationally.

Employment creation and the plan to add to the growth of national output is another motivating factor that makes our customers and beneficiaries to support our project.

As we focus on our workable plan, we expect to have every farm structures erected within 12 months while food crops harvest will take place to generate income for the maintenance of the farm.

With the income we expect to generate from the sale of farm produce, we hope to acquire more machineries in addition to these acquired resources: Land, Project plan, Farm expertise and Research work of related past project; which their intended use is guaranteed:.

The additional machineries necessary for the project growth and to make production possible within three, six and twelve months are: Tractor, Crop seedlings and Human capital. These resources are not readily available under our control; they are to be sourced from the community.

The smooth running of this project is guaranteed as it has been duly registered and is ready to comply with all the necessary policies of all the regulatory authorities except for the following competing forces which may hinder or delay progress and success of which we expect to achieve within a year as planned:

 Inadequate availability of capital
 Socio-political crisis such as strike
 Community clashes.

However, the proof obtained that the country policies and social political conditions are sufficiently supportive of agricultural practice and national award given to national award recipients who have contributed positively to the society gives us confidence that our social innovation is clearly preferred by each group our project targets to benefit.

Nevertheless, it is pertinent to test and prove further the extent of the availability of market for the farm produce in order to determine the size of production to be made available. Other factors that are needed to be tested for the smooth running of this project are:

 Availability of social infrastructures
 Availability of sufficient finance facilities

8.0 Innovator Capacity and Readiness

This aspect of roadmap to success is essential as progress report will show the commitment of team members by assessing the achievement made at each stage of the project. The easiest way for anyone to verify the performance and capacity of project co-ordinator and its management is to verify the project plan and establish facts and figures as regards the success achieved against planned activities if it is been fully carried out or there any observed lapses. It is the result obtained that will shed light if truly there is enough capacity and readiness of project executors to remain responsible for achieving all future progress.

Another key factor to ensure the continuity of the business is to monitor fund disbursement and put in place appropriate check and balances for all the farm activities. Variations between the planned activities and actual result should be examined and tackled so that the growth of the business will not be damped.

Having determined to work on full time basis, the appropriate expertise hired for this project will be sent on regular training skill acquisition needed to promote this project. To corroborate our efforts we have identified some champions in the industry who are to give expert advice.

9.0 Project Operating Models

An operating model for a business is a strategic schematic which illustrates the relationships among the operating units and trading partners and provides a set of guidelines for both the business architecture and technology that enable a company to grow its business either organically or through acquisitions. Three key words in the definition above are:
Strategic: An operating model is a strategic choice as to the extent of process standardization and data integrity desired to achieve business result.
Relationships: Refers to the degree of co-operation across business units including customers, suppliers, and trading partners, required for efficiency or leverage.
Guidelines: Clarify what is important for the organization today and the rationale for investments so that leaders are aligned.
Putting all the key words together in the context of our operations, the following model is derived to show the structure of the type of our business.

Kabee Luxury Intercontinental Ltd

Owned by public
and controlled by For profit
Formal organization Kabee Luxury
Intercontinental Ltd

10.0 Project Team and Core Expertise

To manage a business successfully, right skills must be channeled towards the control, operations and implementations of business plans. It is in this vein we chose to establish a project in which we have acquired enough experience.

I, Adisa Kabiru Adeniyi the managing director of the farm, have worked with Osun State Agricultural Development Programme (OSSADEP) for some years. With other skills gain while performing managerial functions in other establishments, it is of no doubt that the business would be successful under my supervision and control. In the same manner, studies of the existing similar business done to know the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats in the industry would assist in managing this business to the desired level of growth.

An addition key operating partner is Mr. Adesina Adesoji, he studied Agriculture from Obafemi Awolowo University Ife and has worked for over 18 years in the area of agricultural project management. This has made him to posses the right skills which would be useful for the smooth operations of this project. He is in charge of operation marketing and personal management.

To hire other management staff and unskilled labor, recruitment process would be carried out through recruitment agencies and from the community.

These hired skills and management will be undergoing regular training to update their skills and–also be well informed about the business terrain while discharging their duty in a well organized manner.

12.0 Partners and collaborations

As mentioned earlier the key partner involved in this project is Mr. Adesina Adesoji. As detailed in the project plan the target to be accomplished at different stages of the project are as stated hereunder:

Within 3 months: *Preparation of farm land for planting
*Segmentation of the land for the different crops we intend to grow
*Crop and maturing: Maize maturing in two to three month-To realize N1,105,440.00 i.e 1200 kg per acre by 47acres by N14 by twice in a year and reduce by 60%. Banana and plantain maturing in 1 ½ -To realize N524, 304.60 i.e 12 metric ton per acre by N43,692.05 per ton and oil palm maturing between 2 ½ and 3 years to realize N7,614,000 annually i.e N100 per litres by 47 acres by 2,700 litres per acre and reduced by 60% and Palm Kernel N135,000 per anum i.e N16 per Kg by 300kg per acre reduced by 60%.Percentage reduction are applied to be at safer side any increment will automatically turn to income.
*Setting up of irrigation system
*Hiring of competent hand

Within 6 months: *Weeding & crop maintenance
*Harvest of food crop (maize)
*Sale of harvested crop
*In–home Training of workforce.

Within 18 months *Harvest of arm produce: (banana, plantain)
* Sale of the produce
* Farm maintenance
* Erection of more structure

It is a known fact that synergy is created with the combined action of two or more individuals. It is to the effect that we have come together to pool our resources together to avoid project collapse not relying on single individual effort.

From the foregoing, it can be deduced that we have put in place a workable plan necessary to attain out desired goal. We are optimistic that our project will not fail as all the key factors necessary for business success have been put into consideration and duly recognized.