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AGRICULTURE ALSO NEEDS A HUB! / Published November 20, 2016 by Nwankwo Chioma Henrietta

Nwankwo Chioma Henrietta


Agriculture provides an opportunity to turn rural poverty and stagnation into development. At least in theory, the rural youth could produce the food that the urban youth consume. Agriculture should not be seen as the duty of the poor. Food dissemination is vital for agricultural development, since when produce do not get to their consumers they are worthless. This team introduces Information communication technology into Agriculture; this will supply food and agricultural raw materials to all, solve the problems of lack of agricultural produce in some areas while abundant in other areas, reduce deterioration of agricultural products, help farmers and countries to make return to their produce and simplifying exportation by conquering the problem of wastage and inaccessibility. In Nigeria,It has been observed that tons of agricultural products rotten at some point without getting to their end-users ( produce from agriculture drives trade from one country to another and brings income for farmers. It is such an important part of everyone’s daily life, although it may not be seen as a direct factor since the produce goes a long way before reaching the hands of everyone who benefits from it. By adapting and making use of IT (hub) to help improve agricultural progress, everyone benefits from the union of these sectors.
In a countries spanning over 10° of latitude and including several climatic zones, it is natural that the importance of each of the major food crops should vary from one part of the country to the other, one country to the other and that crops which are major staples in one ecological zone could be less important in other zones. This is reflected in the scale and content of inter-regional trade flow which shows that a substantives amount (more than 75%) of the entire value of interstate trade flow by road is in local food commodities. People need to open their minds to the endless possibilities that technological advancement can bring to agriculture. Instead of being locked away with the traditional strategies for planting, today’s society can benefit from agricultural advancements and live sustainable lives by improving the production, harvest methods, and distribution of agricultural goods