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Jarius Andrew Greaves

@sea4change / Published November 24, 2016 by J Andrew Greaves

J Andrew Greaves


Jarius Andrew Greaves has over 10 years of experience in youth and local community development, social entrepreneurship, grassroots campaigns and peace education.
Andrew is a U.S. Department of State’s GIST Program Alumnus and lead organizer of the GIST Techconnect in Liberia. He’s a BBA candidate in Business Administration from the Stella Maris Polytechnic and aspires to complete a graduate degree in Youth Development and Entrepreneurship.

Andrew is Co-Founder/CEO of WeR SEA Venture-Liberia; an Agribusiness Venture being established to produce and supply vegetables and fruits on the Liberian market.

WeR SEA is an Agribusiness Venture being established as a for-profit Agribusiness Company whose goal is to produce vegetables and fruits that can easily be produced locally, but are currently being imported from our neighboring countries mainly by foreigners.

The business also, aims to promote entrepreneurship and talents, and to invest in youth development. The business envisioned to work through national, regional and international business network to grow into a regionally-competitive agro-food value chains company

WeR SEA's goal is to acquire the needed skills and resources to more effectively and efficiently lead and manage our Agribusiness venture, expose us to business model design tools and network with mentors. Hence, WeR SEA is confident that this Program will provide an appropriate environment for its team to think and adopt new strategies to become a successful entrepreneurs and run a successful business in Liberia. Skills and knowledge acquired coupled with the network established will be my greatest resources to help me become a better leader, manage my own business, and create job for peers and empower them professionally.

You can learn more about us at: www.wersea.com