Digital water efficient irrigation tool by
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Digital water efficient irrigation tool / Published November 29, 2016 by Lunyiliko Komba

Lunyiliko Komba

Digital water efficient irrigation tool

Our system is equipped with a Soil moisture sensor that regulates and monitors water in the soil. If the soil moisture falls below the required minimum, the soil moisture sensor will detect this and immediately trigger the electronic gate valve to open and start irrigating the crops. As this is done, an SMS is sent to the farmer informing him of the current activity in the greenhouse. Once the water level in the soil is back to the required state, the soil moisture sensor then sends impulses to shut of the valve. Once off, irrigation stops and the farmer receives an SMS notifying him of the completed irrigation. The system is also automatic in that it can be set to irrigate the crops at predetermined time intervals leaving the farmer to concentrate on other activities in the greenhouse such as weeding and pruning.. This greatly improves water conservation as irrigation is only done at the required time and is accurately measured by the soil moisture sensor. Unlike the norm where the farmer has to be there every morning and evening to open the valve and approximates when the soil is wet enough to allow him/her to close it, this is now being done by a soil moisture sensor which is more accurate and precise with 0 human input