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Background of Our Idea / Published December 8, 2016 by Salsabila Nadhif

Salsabila Nadhif

Background of Our Idea

1. The number of insects and pests around the fields or gardens that are in the area around the forest / away from the settlement.
2. The use of insect traps require electricity, and to get the electricity network is very difficult because much of the settlement.
3. Take advantage of the wind and the sun as a renewable energy source, so it helps farmers are out of reach PLN.
4. Due to the use of operational costs of trap insects by utilizing wind power and solar cell is very cheap, it is helping farmers to improve their welfare.
5. Use the vertical axis windmill is better than horizontal axis windmills, because the vertical axis windmill is more sensitive to low speed wind gusts, according to Blora conditions that have low wind speeds (3-4 m / s).
6. Maintenance and reparation of tool insect trap is easy.