What Does 'Jali Maslahi' Stand and Stand Up For?? by
Jali Maslahi

What Does 'Jali Maslahi' Stand and Stand Up For?? / Published December 12, 2016 by Maryanne Muriuki

Maryanne Muriuki

What Does 'Jali Maslahi' Stand and Stand Up For??

Jali Maslahi comes from Swahili.
‘Jali’ stands for ‘care for’.
‘Maslahi’ is Swahili for ‘welfare’ or ‘needs’.
Therefore, Jali Maslahi is a team working towards rural development and sustainability.
How are we going to achieve this?
We are at all stages from ground preparation to potato sales, and land rotation after harvest.
We advocate for clean seed, and the need to tackle bacterial wilt in the potato crop in South Kinangop. Our traditional methods of harvesting with the hoe (jembe) damage 40% of the produce, and 20% extra is left under the ground. This means we only get to harvest 40%.
With years of poor road infrastructure, it is sad to see our produce rot in our farms, while some communities in Northern Kenya are suffering from food shortage due to famine. This was highlighted in 2011 on the news. The situation has changed so slightly. It is why over a year now, Jali Maslahi has worked closely with a company, David Hollier Kenya Ltd, researching on what variety of potato to plant, and how to go about it, as well as potato diseases. This and more we will share with you in our next blog post!!!Keep it locked!!!