"Let it grow"---The APP for small scale farmers by
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"Let it grow"---The APP for small scale farmers / Published December 17, 2016 by LEE I-CHIN


"Let it grow"---The APP for small scale farmers

“Let it grow” is an app designed to aid small scale farmers who on a day to day basis require support to address their problems relating to crops, fields, materials or supplies.

Currently there is no similar service in the app market, and the help small scale farmers usually get comes from government authorities and NGO organizations, but for many reasons such as location, and lack of time and resources, they may not be able to cover all of their needs in due time, especially in moments of natural disasters.

“Let it grow” tackles the challenge of reaching and supporting small scale farmers anytime, anywhere by connecting them via internet with other farmers and experts, even suppliers that can give support online from anywhere in the world, allowing for small scale farming to grow stronger, since we believe that it is the most viable option to assure regional food supplies and promote dietary diversity.

We hope by using this app we can help the farmers in three ways:

1. To solve the problems in their fields, by uploading the photos of the field or by narration describe the situation they are facing in the field, for example a disease, malnutrition of the crops, discoloring of the leaves etc. By uploading questions and photos, we can have local people diagnosing the problem for the farmer, these people can be merchandisers of the agricultural materials, specialist of agriculture or other farmers.

2. To help the small scale farmers is to gather information about the procurement of the materials, with gathering requests assorted by geographical distinction, farmers can negotiate a better price and have consolidate shipment, that can be of more benefit to farmers in remote areas.

3. Work as a report back system, when there is natural disaster like hurricane or flood, farmers can report back directly to authority to reflect the real situation happening in field, and to help the farmers receive support as soon as possible.

All these functions can be integrated into “farmers diary” in the APP, like a personal Instagram for the farmers, and can also help to.build product traceability.

Our business model is based on a free download app. Yet, the database obtained through the APP will be processed and statically analyzed in order to generate graphs, trends and facts sorted by region in collaboration with climate database allowing the forecast in the future potential outbreak or a certain disease or damage. This processed data can be purchased by users, authorities, NGOs…etc.