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What can our APP provide? / Published December 17, 2016 by LEE I-CHIN


What can our APP provide?

We believe that small scale farmers are the answers to sustainability and food security. To assure regional food supplies and promote dietary diversity. Currently, the small scale farmers all over the world are facing some common problems:

1. Not having sufficient knowledge about what’s happening on the field, this includes diagnosing crop disease, pest, plant nutrition and soil health.

2. Not having proper materials at the right time, including fertilizer, plant protection products, handtools, bags to ship or store the harvest, components for the irrigation system…etc

3. There is a big drawback for small scale farmers when a natural disaster occurs, for example hurricane. The voice of the small scale farmers are usually neglected, especially farmers in remote area, a photo tells more than a thousand words, they need a platform to gather photos and to proof losses to the authorities and open for public attention.

We decided to develop an APP because we believe that the use of smart phones will eventually become universal, and it's important to collect and integrate the data related to local farming according to the challenges and necessities the farmers have. It is important to collect these data now, and develop a resource input community to tackle the more and more frequent climate strikes, which small scale farmers are always more vulnerable to. Eventually we also wish to provide a platform for the public to take notice of the status of the fields most related to their region.