About potatoes, sustainable farmers and happy consumers by
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About potatoes, sustainable farmers and happy consumers / Published December 27, 2016 by Bram Van Hecke

Bram Van Hecke

About potatoes, sustainable farmers and happy consumers

Our idea is ready to be shared with the wide world. We want to help the world. We want to help the farmers in particular. We are linked very closely to the farming world and we believe that through helping farmers, we help feeding the world. We believe that if the position of farmers in the food chain is stronger, they will be able to feed the world better and more sustainable. We saw an opportunity near our own homes, in Belgium. If you hear Belgium, you hear potatoes of course!

We want to help potato farmers, in Belgium and everywhere in the world. Lately there is a GM build resistance against potato blight in Belgium, developed by a Belgian university. This would help farmers that need to spray more than 15 times a year to keep the fungus away right now.

We want to help farmers by helping them adapt to this new technology. And by putting the GM product on the market together with the farmer. We want the farmer to be a part of the entity, of the company, so they can help decide what they want and how they want to implement things.

I hear a small sarcastic voice in the back of the room: “But how will you legislate the GM crop in the European Union? This will never work.” Did Nelson Mandela not say that “It always seems impossible until it's done?” And we of course have a plan.

We did some research and the love for GM crops might not be as big as it should be, this is a GM crop that is good for the environment without any consequences! If we can convince some NGO’s to support us and to help us think how to use this GM crop sustainable, this might pass. And after that, the real quest only starts: doing what we are talking about.

This might all look fuzzy in your head, but it is very clear in ours. We will update you in the coming blogposts, but keep yourself updated and stay excited for our project!!

Bram, Arthur, Joris, Aaron – BAJA