Not everything in the garden is rosy by
BAJA potato project

Not everything in the garden is rosy / Published December 28, 2016 by Arthur Wyckaert

Arthur Wyckaert

Not everything in the garden is rosy

We have a great idea. We worked it out. We overthought it and overthought it. It is not a silver bullet, indeed. But does the silver bullet even exist? There are some constraints and possible problems with the idea. Yes, not everything in the garden is rosy. Yet we still believe in the idea.
In a way, defining the problems with your concept is enlightening. By thinking about the possible negative sides, you look more critically at the problem. Yes we did define some possible constraints:

- How will legislation react and interact?
- What will the political and economic powers do?
- Will farmers easily adapt?
- Will consumers easily habituate to the idea?
- How will the public opinion engage with this issue?
- Will the organization be profitable (for farmers, environment and ourselves?)

These are serious questions. We honestly don't know the answer. We have guesses. We did quite a bit of research on these problem. We know that the answer will only be there once we bring the problem on the street and to the people.

Yes, there are problems. Yes, we are not sure about the outcome of the idea. But hey, didn't every entrepreneur jump into the dark? We, as BAJA, believe that it is important to push through with a project. Even if it seems difficult.

So we are still positive and exited!
Bram, Arthur, Joris, Aaron - BAJA