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The end is near / Published December 28, 2016 by Arthur Wyckaert

Arthur Wyckaert

The end is near

We are close to the last chapter of the design lab, the interactive site to help develop an idea on the TFF site. Honestly, we did not follow the guidelines as strictly as we should have. Because we had an idea already and we did not want another one to interfere with that. Now we are ready: we did the research, we did the constraints, we did the iterations…

Or maybe we only started now? The practical development of the pitch only starts at this moment. With the deadline coming close, this means that only a small amount of time is left. The outcome of our project will depend on what happens next. But it is very important to work on the brainstorming first. What we will do now is only putting our ideas into a format that is easy to understand.

Stay tuned, we will keep updating you!
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