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On Time, On Target / Published January 1, 2017 by Utsav Soni

Utsav Soni

On Time, On Target

1) Lack of nutrients in daily diet of common people resulting into malnutrition.
2) Chemical Fertilizers destroying our soil & water which are Expensive too !!!
3) Seaweeds choking waterways throughout the Coast. (bdw India itself has more than 7000 km of Sea Coast on its 3 sides)
4) Proliferation of seaweeds causing declination of coral reefs and creation of Dead Zones endangering marine life.

1) Extraction of various nutrients from different Seaweeds in form of Super delicious Cookies.
2) Production of cheap & sustainable liquid Fertilizer as a byproduct.
3) Reduction of Marine Pollution.
4) Provide employment opportunity to the local people living nearby sea coast.

Consumer's Perspective
1) Product should be affordable and easily available.
2) It should add nutritional value to the regular diet.
3) It should be derived from natural sources.

Current Scenario:
The history of Indian Seaweed research is not more than 75 Years. Rich Seaweeds resources are abundant qualitatively as well as quantitatively. Utilizing Sea weed as a Source of nutrients has a great potential which will attract market of Billion of Dollars, but it lacks the proper awareness among people.