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Expert Input / Published January 3, 2017 by Chaula Dixit

Chaula Dixit

Expert Input

1. Prof. Mihir Vyas
Head Of Dept,
Environmental Engineering Dept,
GEC, Surat.

"That's really interesting.. Experiments with seaweed has made headway in identifying the mechanism needed to increase food production for our future and improving the environment.
I really suggest that aquaculture license needs to support forthcoming new achievement in this sector.
Thank you for the COOKIES.. Waiting for more 😉"

2. Prof. Khyati Modi
Head Of Dept,
Environmental Engineering Dept,
GEC, Valsad.

"Students... Seriously you are doing something amazing and in a unique way.
If you are rehabbing a thing like seaweed and offering it in a cheap way to overcome these global challenges.. That is totally worth it..
But to overcome all these global problems by using these seaweed is not quite easy.. But I believe, it clears my doubt by your team name itself "From challenge to opportunity". Best Wishes..."

3. Vallabhbhai Ahir
Serial Farmer,
Panera, Vapi.

"Great Efforts & Execution!! Your mission is the growth of thoughtful and productive community from seaweed, to build a sustainable food system for our future. Invention of your seaweed cookies will definitely increase the consumption of nutritional food for those who are suffering from malnutrition. This is totally worth supporting !!! Kudos KiDs"