Expert Input (The Positive Feedback) by
Feed It!

Expert Input (The Positive Feedback) / Published January 6, 2017 by Hairil Fiqri

Hairil Fiqri

Expert Input (The Positive Feedback)

In the development of Feed It! there are positive feedback from the experts and also the stock farmer. We have met some experts in study of nutrition and we can make conclusion from three experts positive responses are;

1. Erni Sofia M., STP. MP (Head of Food Technology Study Program)
The composition and nutrient of the raw material of Feed It! suitable for the species cattle and other animal livestock in Indonesia. I also like about the raw material to make this feed according to the availability in Indonesia, so the price can be cheaper and can help the stock farmer in order to save cost production.

2. Endrika Widyastuti SPt., M.Sc., MP (Head of Industrial Biotechnology Study Program)
Feed It! can give a tremendous number of nutrition value especially protein. The using of mulberry leafs is unique because usually used in the stock farming of silkworm. The newest updates about Feed It!, the variant was made me believe that Feed It! was ready to be a solution for the stock farmer and can be a potential business for you.

3. Dr. Agustin Krisna Wardani, STP., M.Si (Vice-dean of Agricultural Technology Faculty, Brawijaya University)
Feed It! is a suitable solution in case of the utilisation and optimisation of local potential biomass especially Indonesia which is this resources that used as the ingredients of this feed is easy to get in the big amount. Even these ingredients are a waste but it contains basic and important nutrition such as protein, carbon sources. The way of adding mulberry leafs is supporting the other important part of nutrition such as vitamin and high mineral also gained from fish bone which made this feed is special.

From this positive feedback, we hope Feed It! can be the real agent of change for the feed in the future.