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Algal Ideas / Published January 14, 2017 by Elliot Roth

Elliot Roth

Algal Ideas

Since our team started TFF with a topic in mind, we wanted to come up with a few concepts that made algae more likely to be adopted as a food source.

Surge suggested we try a bunch of recipes with spirulina. Julia wanted to look into better drying methods to make a protein powder that didn't taste bad. Logan figured out that there was a bit of friction with ordering something online and so wanted to develop small sample packs. Peter had done research on marketing and was all about developing beautiful and simple packages that were incredibly straightforward and clear with what they offered. Evan was interested in using the influencer community to market algae products. John said that we should focus on the vegan market to have a diehard fan base. I was all-in on developed home DIY kits so anyone could grow spirulina.

Our ideas were all over the place. We couldn't do it all so the team decided to focus on something simple, accessible and delicious: a live culture spirulina beverage.

The beverage solves the problem of the poor taste of spirulina by keeping it alive. It also enables anyone to grow it with just a few simple salts. We can send it in a small sample pack and cook with it to incorporate spirulina in the current diet. Peter's packages and Evan and John's marketing strategy played a crucial role in the role-out of the product and Julia's drying research would help lengthen the shelf-life.

It was an incredibly productive session and I'm excited to see how our idea develops!