Expert input #5 - Sharing With Experts by
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Expert input #5 - Sharing With Experts / Published January 14, 2017 by Anggita Pradhepti

Anggita Pradhepti

Expert input #5 - Sharing With Experts

1. Talas Beneng, firstly this plant included primitive plant at Karang Mountain, none look at it because of useless. But, nowdays this plant increasingly sought. It appears because this plant so usefull and can be food substitution. (Dudi Supriyadi - Agricultural Instructor Districts Karang Tanjung, Pandeglang Regency, Banten Province) [27/11/2016]

2. Talas beneng potential in the international food market industry because of its unique. (Margareta Meyer - Businessman Hague Netherlands) [26/12/2016]

3. Cereal, Taste delicious, fragrant, a taro was still felt. Perhaps texture needs to be fixed. (Dr. Susiyanti, SP., M.Si - Vice Director of Academic Field of Faculty of Agriculture Universitas Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa) [4/1/2017]

4. Cereal, Rather dark color resulting from the use of sucrose from sugar and therefore need alternative sweetener to retain the color. for texture after roasting in the oven could use a sand / stones so that the product is crisp and fat free. (Tb. Bachtiar Rusbana S.Tp., M.Si - lecturer in post-harvest and food experts) [4/1/2017]