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Insights Insights! / Published January 15, 2017 by Nakul Yadav

Nakul Yadav

Insights Insights!

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Well, on a survey, we found many opinions about how food is wasted, and what they feel when it comes to a food crisis. As usual, many people were shocked on hearing that by 2050, we would have to double our agriculture produce, but did not have any idea how they could help in this manner.

Let us share some of our insights and what we learnt and shared.
1) It would be very costly if farmers use refrigeration in transportation, since the electricity is scarce in remote parts of many African and Asian countries.

2) Technology like evaporative cooling must be present, but proper apparatus and optimization techniques are not available since proper basic education is not properly present in many countries and regions.

3) No pooling services are present for transportation, hence, it is important to also think of local farmers who cant afford to transport their produce due to high costs