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User Case / Published January 15, 2017 by Kiran Timalsena

Kiran Timalsena

User Case

Excluding the weeds for proper crop stand is the trend initiated long ago or say since the human existence evolved. Sustaining with what nature gave was a principle of living of people long ago. But the scenario has turned upside down. People have turned much choosy about their needs. Consider the crops. They blindly are oriented on what they are producing. What occurs side by side is destroyed. Weeds are those side-products of crops which people regard as by-products. In case of Nepal, an Asian nation where people feed themselves with growing crops have an prospective that weeds are eating crops. Today people use various weedicides to destroy the weeds. The country like many underdeveloped and developed nations still withholds conventional basis of farming but overdose use of modern weedicides. Those poisons not only hamper the human health but also the productivity of land. But some of them have better stories for us. Most of the weeds which they tend to destroy by destroying their health may have positive effects for them. Chenopodium over the world is that weed which has a lot of benefits but still is behind the curtains. Feed the poor here not only abides the country from where it is aroused but considers the underworld nation as its users. Seeds of the plant are said to be very beneficial for enhancing appetite and has been used as a laxative agent. It is a natural source of iron, fibre, vitamins and protein, which helps the body gain immunity and strength. A tea made from the leaves of this plant can be used to treat lose motions and stomach pains. It can be used to address the problem of nutritional deficiency as it contains some of the most valuable nutrients. To avoid stone formation in kidney, the juice made of the leaves can be consumed. For swelling in body, it can be of great relief. It can also be used to cure jaundice. For treating problems of missed periods, the seeds of this plant are very useful. Juice of this weed is also good for anaemic patients. It is beneficial for infections in the urinary tract. The other best part that this crop hides within itself is its forms in which it can be used. Seeds of this plant can be crushed into flour which is again used for making different types of breads and pancakes. It resembles spinach and hence it can also be cooked and eaten like it. The seeds can be boiled or roasted and then ground to make porridge and cereals by blending with other ingredients. Food producing companies can use it as a raw product for flour production. Farmers besides crop can gain an additional income by selling weeds. In Nepal, Urban region pays high cost for veggies whereas rural arena throws veggies as weeds. A better transportation and better identification of these isolated species can strengthen not only the rural economy but also the urban health. In today’s agricultural scenario where world is in the threat of gradual yield loss of major crops (Rice, wheat, maize) being cultivated due to various fungal infestations and other hazards, Chenopodium can be the best alternative. It can be found in every nook and corner of the world. Tangling every taste bud and adapting itself in any form of food, Chenopodium can secure the world’s food on days to come.